Sports to Play and Watch (Prompt)

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

I don’t play any sports anymore but when I did play sports my favorite ones to play were American football and baseball. Even though I’m a small guy I played football in Jr. High and for one year of high school. I played tight end. I played a little league baseball when I was a kid and loved playing, especially when I played infield.

Even thought I never played hockey it is probably my favorite sport to watch, there is so much action going on at all times; and provides endless entertainment in my opinion.

I still look at professional sports as pure entertainment but I had been involved in some kind of sport while I was in School, it built a great friendships and helped me learn how to work as a team.

Books to Read (Prompt)

What books do you want to read?

Oh boy, what book do I want to read is a hard one because I want to read so many and don’t really have one that I want to read but if I were to say one it would probably be the Harry Potter series . I know, I know it seems weird that I wouldn’t have read that book as much I talk about reading, but I was never really into Harry Potter when it first came out; and just recently saw all the movies. I didn’t realize how good they really were and I want to read and see the world from the books perspective using my imagination to create that world.

Winning the Lottery (Prompt)

What would you do if you won the lottery?

The Lottery

So much money, what would I do?

Would I fly away to far to distant lands, see the Pharaohs in the dessert sands

Buy a big house fancy and new, so many rooms with so much to do

Drive a shiny new car powerful and loud, just so I could attract a crowd

Pay off the bills make them go away, never worry if I can pay

By all the toys I never could afford, then I know I would never be bored

So many things I could buy that I don’t don’t need, maybe the homeless I should feed

Money can buy many things this is true, but money can’t tell me I love you

© Chris Chonos

Leisure Time

What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time?

My leisure time is precious time to do a couple of the things I enjoying doing most; and that is writing poetry and reading. I have really gotten on a reading kick lately and I think the two go hand in hand. I will read most anything but am partial to mystery and recently found the author Freida McFadden. I love the twists she puts into them and really keeps you guessing on the ending. My favorite author is Dean Koonce though, his twist using supernatural and mystery all wrapped into one has had me reading so many of his books.

Leisure time is the time to relax so reading and writing our my favorite followed closely by photography.

If Only Our Dogs Understood

If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?

If there was one thing I could make my pet understand, I love my dogs but if there was only one thing I would like them to understand that would have to be they don’t have to bark at every little thing they see outside the house. We have a frosted glass in our front door and every single time a car goes by that is a little loud or a person walks by they bark, it is truly one of the most annoying things. I understand them and what they are doing, of course they are protecting the house and us but not every little thing is not a threat.

The younger one is worse then the older one but both of them need to understand this so I impress upon you Chloe, the youngest dog, please understand I know what you are doing but stop barking; and Claire don’t encourage her.

Dream Job Prompt

What’s your dream job?

My dream job, that is a tough one and maybe it shouldn’t be but as you get older sometimes those things seem less important as making a living; and sometimes those things out way dreams, but if I had to choose it would be to be a professional photographer that travels the world, even if it was freelance. I love taking photos above most anything else even though I discovered that later in life, it is probably the one thing I love above all my other hobbies.