Darkness it does seep, into my soul it does creep. Binding and holding tight, afraid to lose this fight. Weariness follows close behind in the darkness myself I do find. Unable to escape its strangling grasp it has upon me, only darkness do I see.

©️Chris Chonos



Dealing heavy blows

Reaching new lows

Body feeling heavy

Emotions break the levy

Body feeling bleak

Heart feeling week

No drive feeling

Head reeling

Ready for bed

Lay down weary head

©️Chris Chonos

Just a Poem (Battling)

Seeking therapy is one of the scariest things I have ever had to do, so I decided to write a poem about it and may end up with a few posts that may be focused on that aspect of my life I haven’t shared before. I am considering this a type of therapy for me and hope that people that may be going through some of these things see it isn’t too late to seek help…you aren’t alone.


A constant battle can’t seem to win

Ups and down dark and light

Happy today sad tomorrow

This battle I’ve begun to fight

Hits me hard and brings me down

Feeling helpless like I could drown

Feelings raw kept inside

Forever trying with a smile to hide

But help I have sought

Not hiding behind this strong facade

Not locking it up inside

Not keeping feeling I have to hide

The journey begins with me

Scary though it may be

One of scariest to admit needing help

© Chris Chonos

My Depression

This poem relates to how I felt when I was dealing with deep depression in my past…I hid from everyone and felt alone…some very dark times for me. Writing helped and I wrote every day in my journals through poetry…I know how it feels and know if you feel this way you aren’t alone.

My Depression

Mind it wanders

Thoughts floating

Mind feeling numb

Silence has come

Louder then anyone knows

This silence it does grow

Doubt seems to follow

Silent and hollow

Light seems to fade

As the foundation is laid

Sadness creeps inside

Nowhere to hide

Lay down in a ball

Body does fall

This depression sinks in

How lonely its been

© Chris Chonos