Chaos Swirls

Sometimes I make digital paintings with Procreate, spur paintings like my poetry…I love putting them together.

Painting by me

Chaos Swirls

Swirls of chaos
Twist and turn
In the mind, forever burn
Let them leave, please go away
Bring some peace on this day

But they won’t leave
Constantly there
These thoughts don’t seem to care
The sanity they don’t share

But push them away continue to try
Forever in the mind they always pry

©Chris Chonos

Strangled Mind (Painting and Poem)

This is a digital painting I did a while ago showing how I was feeling and how I feel my mind works sometimes.

Strangled Mind

Strangled Mind

Mind feeling tangled with no direction

Lines go wherever they wish

Crackling appears with in the lines

Focus it seems undefined

Trying to track the thoughts inside

Taking mind on a crazy ride

Strangled thoughts within the mind

These thoughts struggling to find

© Chris Chonos

Painting Inspires

I call this painting ‘In the Breeze’.

I enjoy this other part of my life…it is so relaxing to just go with an idea even if I may not be the best painter. I like using my iPad to do digital painting and bringing things to life that are rolling around in my head. Maybe it will inspire a poem in the future.