No Fear (Erotic)

No Fear

Fire of lust burns within my soul

As you slowly take control

Taking my arms you tie upon the bed

slowly roll the blindfold over my head

Whisper in a sensual tone with in my ear

Baby have no fear

The lightest touch I feel upon my skin

Lacy and soft so full of sin

Take a hold of what you desire

This you say is what you require

with a thrust I feel your heat

As are bodies to meet

Moans and sighs escape in this lovers beat

Faster as the heat does rise

I hear your patient cries

As the desire explodes within our bodies shaking

I feel both our bodies trembling and quaking

A release of love as you collapse upon my chest

There my love you can rest

© Chris Chonos

Intentions Clear

Intentions Clear

Her eyes pulling me in

A glow appears as fire on a dark night

Showing a glimmer of sin

This temptation I do not fight

Mind seems clouded as she comes near

Nothing else seems to matter now

She makes intentions clear

With a gentle raise of her brow

‘Come with me’ she says in sultry voice

I follow without a word said

For I have no choice

follow her now to her bed

Naked we lay in a lovers rejoice

Hearts pounding as one as love does explode

Ecstasy reached in resounding voice

Falling asleep heart beat has slowed

Peaceful dreams come to that night

When taken by this woman I could not fight

© Chris Chonos

Set Free (Erotic Poetry)

Set Free

You feed my every craving

My body I have been saving

Use me how you will

Use me to fulfill your thrill

Tell me what you want from me

Tell me what sets your body free

Is it a kiss or nibble upon your breast my lips can swirl

Or maybe your lips you would like my tongue to twirl

To taste your sweetness and bring to high

Let escape the sexiest sigh

or maybe my cock you want inside

To take on a sexual ride

To cum together and let our juices combine

Please just give me a sign

Tell me what you want from me

Tell me my love what will set you free

© Chris Chonos

In Public (Erotic and explicit)

In Public

You tell me to take you right here

The thrill you say is the fear

Of being caught in a public place

With our hearts begin to race

I pull you close and turn you around

You let out a sexy moaning sound

Up against the wall I admire you still

Oh and your pussy I can’t wait to fill

I lift up your skirt and pull panties aside

Oh this tasty dish do they hide

I get to my knees and go down

You are so wet I feel I could drown

You shake and you moan as I suck and lick

You tell me, give me your dick

I stand and I slide it along your lips

Only the head do I dip

To tease you and make this moment last

But you beg please go hard and fast

Slapping our skin our ecstasy does rise

With our passionate cries

We both start to cum with such force we collapse

No idea how much time did allapse

Gather ourselves with a passionate kiss

The public display of wonderful bliss

© Chris Chonos

Be Still (Erotic Poem)

Be Still

The darkness does settle upon me now

With light touches upon skin I do awake

Feel my body begin to quake

Touches so soft fingernails they trace

My heart does quicken its pace

Butterflies flutter and begin to build

With all my fantasies to be fulfilled

I try to touch you and reciprocate this thrill

Whisper to me ‘you are mine, be still‘

© Chris Chonos

Silky Surprise

Silky Surprise

The silkiness across my skin you trace

My heart it does begin to race

Your gentle touch does produce a moan

My appreciation it is shown

With the softest caress please don’t stop

As you go from bottom to top

Excitement does build as hips rise

With your silky soft surprise

Take a hold with motions fast

I don’t know how long I will last

A sexy smile does cross your face

As you start to quicken the pace

Moaning louder I start to thrust

With eager and wanting lust

Soon I reach the climatic end

In the clouds my head you send

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Sweetest Fruit)

Sweetest Fruit

The fruit of the gods my eyes do see

The sweetest taste upon my lips

This fruit in front of me

Tasting ever so just slight sips

Tongue dances delicately as taste and fragrance mix

This sweet fruit is my fix

Swirling and tasting every drop

You say please don’t stop

Quicken the pace and take nibble up on the nub

With my tongue I swirl and do rub

Sweet nectar does flow more and more

As I taste you now like never before

The end is near I can sense its arrival

I eat your fruit like it is for my survival

Your taste is flowing upon my lips

As I feel the rise of your hips

The pinnacle to give such pleasure

Moments I will always treasure

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Moment Shared)

Moment Shared

Lay upon the bed before you now

You want me to show you how

I please myself when you aren’t there

This you want me to share

Most intimate a moment this will be

This pleasure I give myself for you to see

Slowly I caress myself for you

Because I love you so true

My body responds as I get erect

This caress it has the effect

Slowly I stroke up to the top

You tell me please don’t stop

Quicken the pace feel I’m starting to tighten

The sensation and sighs escape as it does heighten

Cum for me, cum for me you whisper in my ear

Cum for me, ‘I love you my dear’

With these three words I let out a moan

The most animalistic of groans

My love escapes as I release

From the look in your eyes I can see you are pleased

As my breath does settle you give me a kiss

This moment we share gives me such bliss

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Our Rhythm)

Our Rhythm

The feeling of skin on skin

Sweat pouring out of pores

Sounds escaping lips of pleasure

Heat building in our very core

Meeting with a rhythm of our own

Moving in time with every thrust

Bodies aching for the release

Faces expressing intentions shown

Rhythm increase as that moment is near

Head thrown back with ecstasy and lust

Pushing deeper inside of your love is a must

Our release in sync is heaven my dear

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Point of No Return)

Point of No Return

Slowly gliding the blinders over my eyes

I quietly sigh

Tracing fingers along my skin light

Senses heightened with no sight

Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you need’

And on this you will feed

Hand slides between my thighs

I give a nocturnal sighs

Taking hold of what you want and crave

For you my love I save

Light lips make traces upon the most tender part

Racing does my heart

Taking me all in with passion and lust

Have me all you say you must

Animalistic groans escape my lips

As I do raise my hips

Muscles tighten reaching the point of no return

© Chris Chonos