Our Desire

Our Desire

Eagerly waiting for you to appear
Laid out upon our bed
My glory on display
It is time to play
To take away your fear
Enjoy and forget about the day
Our bodies merge into one
Only us and our fun
Passion burns like fire
sweat does pour
Inhibitions released fulfilling pure desire

©️Chris Chonos

Raised Dress

Raised Dress

Smile with intent upon your face

Heart it does begin to race

Lightly raise dress to expose bare thigh

From lips escape the softest sigh

Guide my hand below your dress

Panties a damp wonderful mess

Fingers guided to the source

If by extinct know the course

Gently insert one then two

Feel hips begin to rise

Then come your passionate sighs

Remove and smile I taste

None of this sweetness I want to waste

©️Chris Chonos

Highs of Ecstasy

Highs of Ecstasy

Moans come from deep within me now

For you know how

Bringing me highs of ecstasy

Come from deep inside of me

Animalistic urge can’t control

As you ask me to fill you full

Oblige I must and grant your desire

I give all my desire

With head thrown back I release

And bring to each other a little peace

©️Chris Chonos

Flower Blooms

Flower Blooms

Oh how your flower blooms

With touch of my hand

Sweetest nectar does flow

To taste you in my finger tips

With a heavy sigh a rise of your hips

I will devour you

And make all your fantasies true

©️Chris Chonos

You Purge

You Purge

The animalistic urge

To feel your warmth surround me

Every ounce you will purge

With a smile filled with glee

A kiss filled with passion

As I release and draw back my head

Fill you with your ration

While we make love in our bed

©Chris Chonos

Time to Beg

Erotic poetry

Time to Beg

With a delicate touch upon my skin

Her face does show a devious grin

Makes her way to the end of the bed

Thoughts do race through my head

Traces along her silken thighs

From my mouth escapes soft sighs

Silken foot she traces up my leg

Then she says ‘now come one beg’

©Chris Chonos

No Fear (Erotic)

No Fear

Fire of lust burns within my soul

As you slowly take control

Taking my arms you tie upon the bed

slowly roll the blindfold over my head

Whisper in a sensual tone with in my ear

Baby have no fear

The lightest touch I feel upon my skin

Lacy and soft so full of sin

Take a hold of what you desire

This you say is what you require

with a thrust I feel your heat

As are bodies to meet

Moans and sighs escape in this lovers beat

Faster as the heat does rise

I hear your patient cries

As the desire explodes within our bodies shaking

I feel both our bodies trembling and quaking

A release of love as you collapse upon my chest

There my love you can rest

© Chris Chonos