Jack and Jen (Erotic Story Part 2)

Once her orgasms subsided she looked down at him with her partially closed eyes and said, ‘you’re next’….

Sliding down ever so slowly Jen reached for Jack’s cock and grabbed hold tight, looking at him she said, ‘this is mine.’

She slowly kissed down his body taking her time, swirling her tongue around and sucking his nipples. This made Jack moan, he loved when she would do that and made his cock throb in her hand, pulsating with lust and anticipation for what she had in store for him.

Moving slowly Jen kissed down his belly releasing her grip on him. She then placed her tongue on the tip his cock as it laid flat against his stomach licking the entire shaft down to his balls taking each one into her mouth. Jack moaned and started to twitch. Jen noticed the glistening precut start to ooze out and took the tip of her tongue and cleaned it up.

Reaching over to the dresser she pulled out some lube and put it on a toy, small but intimidating. Jack was mesmerized as Jen gave a wicked smile and turned it on. She slowly started to rub the skin between his cock and ass; and it felt amazing, the sensation was like nothing he ever felt before.

Jen did this only for a little while then asked, ‘do you trust me?’ Jack answered, ‘of course, I love you.’ With that she slowly started to insert the toy inside of him and took his cock in her mouth and worked it like she never had before, even taking all of him in.

The feeling was overwhelming and Jack didn’t know how much longer he would last. He could feel his balls start to tighten as Jen kept moving the small vibrator in and out of his ass. She must of sensed that because she stopped and said, ‘not yet’, with a devilish grin and put the vibrator on the night stand, or as he learned later called an anal massager.

She slid down to the end of the bed facing him, poured some more lube on his cock and started to rub his cock with her beautiful stocking feet. Up and down his shaft, first she played with his balls and then started to cradle his cock and stroke up and down making sure to play with the head with her toes.

The smallest friction from her stockings and the sight of her beautiful toes was driving Jack nuts. Jen could tell Jack was getting close and told him, ‘cum all over my toes babe, give it to me’, that was it took as Jack grunted and moaned and let strings of cum fly all over his beautiful wife’s feet and legs…Jen smiled and showed him the mess he made, wiggling her toes for him as his cum filled her stockings.

She left him for a second to clean up and came back with a fresh pair of white stockings on and untied him, but first she gave him a deep kiss and said, ‘I love you babe and want to make all your fantasies come true.’

Jack looked at her and said, ‘I want to do the same for you’.

That night they made love through the night knowing they were each other’s fantasy.

Jack and Jen (Erotic Story Part 1)

Photo by Nastya Korenkova on Pexels.com

It had been a long day at the office and Jack was on his way home; he had the music playing and the top down, he couldn’t wait to get home to his beautiful wife.

The light turned red just before he was about to turn down the street to his house, he looked in the mirror. 

‘Not to be vain but I look pretty good for 50’ , he said to himself. 

Jack was 50 but he was in good shape and still had his hair, though his beard was showing some gray he didn’t care and thought growing old naturally and letting the gray come through made him look distinguished.

As he pulled up into his driveway it had just started to get dark;  and the lights were out in the house. ‘Hmmm’, he thought to himself. I wonder where Jen is? 

As he unlocked the front door,  expecting the dogs to attack him, he was pleasantly surprised to hear them playing in the back yard. 

That’s strange, Jen never leaves the dogs out when she isn’t here’ he said to him self. 

Just then he heard Jen yell from upstairs, ‘get your ass up here now’.  Jack just looked up the stairs and said, ‘Yes babe’. Jen yelled back, ‘NOW!’

With that he made his way upstairs concerned now that maybe she was hurt or needed help, but as he opened up the door he was taken back. The room was lit with candles and there was Jen standing in the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen.

She was wearing a black corset with black tight fishnet stockings, her hair was up in a pony tail and she wasn’t wearing any shoes…she knew how much he liked her stocking feet.

Jack stood their staring at her for what must have been a good minute before he started to say ‘oh my god’ but she stopped and said, ‘Lay on the bed now and strip’, you are mine tonight’. 

Jack did as he was told and once he stripped off his clothes and laid on the bed Jen took both of his arms and tied them with restraints she had hidden near the mattress, she had an evil grin on her face.

Jack immediately started to get hard, he had never seen this side of her during their first 3 years of marriage…she was in control and he loved it.

Jen pulled out a light feather and started to tease his face, working her way down to his nipples making them erect…she knew how much he loved the soft touch. Next she traced the feather down his stomach to his twitch cock. First she teased just the tip and then ran it down the underside of his cock to his balls. Jack thought he might explode right there, but she stopped and laughed. ‘Don’t think you are going to get off that easy’.

She started to climb up his body making sure her stockings caressed his cock, kissing her way up to his lips. She kissed him deep their tongues intertwining, all the while she kept rubbing her stockings against him…he moaned deeply into her mouth and then pulled away.

Looking down at him she smiled and said, ‘me first’. Jack was in heaven, he loved to eat Jens pussy but this was completely different, she was in control and he would eat her out till she came, maybe multiple times.

She slid up and put her pussy into his face and started to grind. Oh my god she tasted so good and she was so wet, drops of her sweet nectar started to run down his chin as she moved back and forth and then circles. Jack was having a hard time breathing but he didn’t care he just kept licking at her clit and running his tongue along her slit…he loved to hear her cum.

Jen started to move faster and buck her hips he knew she was close and just like that she yelled, ‘Fuck yeah’. Her muscles clenched, she threw her head back and yelled, ‘I’m cumming baby’. She went into almost spasms and came a second time. Jack’s face was covered in her cream.

Once her orgasms subsided she looked down at him with her partially closed eyes and said, ‘you’re next’….