Erotic Wednesday (Round Two)

Jason kissed Janet with all the passion within his soul, pulling her in close and deep…he needed to breathe her in, all of her in.

Janet felt every part of Jason in the kiss…every emotion and the love he had for her. She knew she wanted more then his kiss…she needed all of him. She pushed him back and took his hand and said…’follow me.’

Jason followed with no hesitation…wherever Janet went he was going to follow. Janet smiled over her shoulder and gave him the slyest smile as she turned the corner to her bedroom.

Once Jason came through the doorway Janet kissed him deep and hard all the while pushing him down on the bed. They were lost in their own world pulling their clothes off as fast as they could…they need skin to skin contact with nothing in between them.

Jason took control and rolled on top of Janet as they joined as one…gasps of pleasure escaping both of their mouths as they kissed deep and passionately moving in perfect rhythm. They could both feel the heat rising as they were reaching the pinnacle; and with one last thrust an animal groan escaped Jason’s lips. This set off Janet who started to quiver and shake with such intense pleasure.

As they both started to descend off their mountain top of ecstasy they curled up close to hold each other close…as they looked deep in each other’s eyes they both said at the same time…’ready for round two?’.