Erotic Wednesday (Meeting Across the Room)

Meeting Across the Room Magic created at first glance This meeting is not by chance Moving closer we embrace Your body hands do trace Kiss of deep passion swept away Take you to my bed to lay Trace lightly upon smooth skin With fingers and lips lighting the fire within Oh feed upon your sweetnessContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Meeting Across the Room)”

Erotic Wednesday (Fingers do Play)

Fingers do Play Hand does tease beneath your skirt As my fingers begin to flirt Pushing aside fabric that blocks the way Fingers how they want to play Rub upon flowers bud Circles and strokes starts juices flood A deep breath you take As knees start to quake Oh how body it does shake FeelContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Fingers do Play)”

Erotic Wednesday (Nothing Said)

Nothing Said Pleasure like waves crash With the very touch Every kiss upon skin Moans escape with a rush Taking me in with the gentlest lips Head falling back eyes shut Senses reel, control I lack Knees get weak with just your silent words Nothing said but what is done Doing it all; asking nothingContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Nothing Said)”

Erotic Wednesday (Your Garden)

Your Garden Body so flexuous To trace each path and have a taste Each curve and rise to behold Upon eyes does unfold To take sweet time to explore Taking in the beauty before Sight, taste and touch working as one A great adventure until done Trip through valleys reach sweet garden to gaze uponContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Your Garden)”

Erotic Wednesday (Can’t Break or Dare)

Can’t Break or Dare Sly grin on your face I know I’m captured Have me locked in; don’t want to escape With your beauty I am raptured With satin and lace my mouth agape Reaching out a delicate hand Caressing my skin a tingle inside I fall like in quick sand Your intentions you canContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Can’t Break or Dare)”

Erotic Wednesday (Enduring Pleasure)

Enduring Pleasure Awe inspiring view Valleys and rolling hills The early morning dew Excitement it does fill Follow the path; I trace With kisses tender and soft Keep a slow pace Every touch sends me aloft Feeling the quiver within you Reaching the end of my endeavor Oh how I kiss the morning dew ToContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Enduring Pleasure)”