Animalistic Urge

Animalistic Urge

The heat rises within bodies melded as one

Hotter than the fiery sun

Flames ignite with the fires we light

As we bring about climactic excite

Sounds escape our lips as beasts

When upon our bodies we feast

Giving into the animalistic urge

Our souls we purge

Onto each other as one

Passion hotter than the sun

© Chris Chonos

Set Free (Erotic Poetry)

Set Free

You feed my every craving

My body I have been saving

Use me how you will

Use me to fulfill your thrill

Tell me what you want from me

Tell me what sets your body free

Is it a kiss or nibble upon your breast my lips can swirl

Or maybe your lips you would like my tongue to twirl

To taste your sweetness and bring to high

Let escape the sexiest sigh

or maybe my cock you want inside

To take on a sexual ride

To cum together and let our juices combine

Please just give me a sign

Tell me what you want from me

Tell me my love what will set you free

© Chris Chonos

In Public (Erotic and explicit)

In Public

You tell me to take you right here

The thrill you say is the fear

Of being caught in a public place

With our hearts begin to race

I pull you close and turn you around

You let out a sexy moaning sound

Up against the wall I admire you still

Oh and your pussy I can’t wait to fill

I lift up your skirt and pull panties aside

Oh this tasty dish do they hide

I get to my knees and go down

You are so wet I feel I could drown

You shake and you moan as I suck and lick

You tell me, give me your dick

I stand and I slide it along your lips

Only the head do I dip

To tease you and make this moment last

But you beg please go hard and fast

Slapping our skin our ecstasy does rise

With our passionate cries

We both start to cum with such force we collapse

No idea how much time did allapse

Gather ourselves with a passionate kiss

The public display of wonderful bliss

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Meeting Across the Room)

Meeting Across the Room

Magic created at first glance

This meeting is not by chance

Moving closer we embrace

Your body hands do trace

Kiss of deep passion swept away

Take you to my bed to lay

Trace lightly upon smooth skin

With fingers and lips lighting the fire within

Oh feed upon your sweetness with lips and tongue

Sweeter then a mornings setting sun

Take each taste as if it were the last

Ecstasy builds and comes upon fast

Release the sweet nectar I crave

And every drop I will save

Pleasure explodes with passionate cries

And settles with gentle sighs

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Fingers do Play)

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Fingers do Play

Hand does tease beneath your skirt

As my fingers begin to flirt

Pushing aside fabric that blocks the way

Fingers how they want to play

Rub upon flowers bud

Circles and strokes starts juices flood

A deep breath you take

As knees start to quake

Oh how body it does shake

Feel you hold tighter still

As juices begin to spill

A moan comes from deep inside

This pleasure can not hide

Knees get weak reaching the peak

This pleasure given that you seak

Fall limp with my loving arms

Fingers give loving charms

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Nothing Said)

Nothing Said

Pleasure like waves crash

With the very touch

Every kiss upon skin

Moans escape with a rush

Taking me in with the gentlest lips

Head falling back

eyes shut

Senses reel, control I lack

Knees get weak with just your silent words

Nothing said but what is done

Doing it all; asking nothing in return

Hips start to churn

Body does tremble reaching the point

Taking it all in you smile

Only to give is what you desire

Smile does light the fire

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Your Garden)

Your Garden

Body so flexuous

To trace each path and have a taste

Each curve and rise to behold

Upon eyes does unfold

To take sweet time to explore

Taking in the beauty before

Sight, taste and touch working as one

A great adventure until done

Trip through valleys reach sweet garden to gaze upon

To take a taste of nectar

To touch the flower bloomed before

Heaven it seems to be in the sweetness

Of your garden I adore

© Chris Chonos

Feed the Desire

Feed the Desire

Heat felt with every touch

Every Kiss

To want so much

To feel that bliss

Heat of passion does flow

As intentions grow

Caress the parts of unknown

With hands wandering love is shown

Feel hands excite me ways never knew

You let me touch and taste your morning dew

To taste your sweetness excites me more

Like never know before

To dance ; lovers hips move and sway

This is more than play

This is love of fire

This to feed the desire

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Can’t Break or Dare)

Can’t Break or Dare

Sly grin on your face I know I’m captured

Have me locked in; don’t want to escape

With your beauty I am raptured

With satin and lace my mouth agape

Reaching out a delicate hand

Caressing my skin a tingle inside

I fall like in quick sand

Your intentions you can not hide

Push me down and take control

Climb on top and kiss me deep

Whisper in my ear make me whole

Slowly guide me to where you love you keep

Move in rhythm hands take mine

Closer to the edge we approach

From your sighs I know the sign

Closer to that pinnacle we broach

Animalistic sounds escape are lips

My love for now flows within

As the tighter you do grip

Across my lips I do grin

Cuddle up bodies covered in sweat

Tender kisses we now share

Never better then making love to you will it get

This love no one can break or dare

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Enduring Pleasure)

Enduring Pleasure

Awe inspiring view

Valleys and rolling hills

The early morning dew

Excitement it does fill

Follow the path; I trace

With kisses tender and soft

Keep a slow pace

Every touch sends me aloft

Feeling the quiver within you

Reaching the end of my endeavor

Oh how I kiss the morning dew

To show thee enduring pleasure

© Chris Chonos