Erotic Wednesday (Sweetest Fruit)

Sweetest Fruit

The fruit of the gods my eyes do see

The sweetest taste upon my lips

This fruit in front of me

Tasting ever so just slight sips

Tongue dances delicately as taste and fragrance mix

This sweet fruit is my fix

Swirling and tasting every drop

You say please don’t stop

Quicken the pace and take nibble up on the nub

With my tongue I swirl and do rub

Sweet nectar does flow more and more

As I taste you now like never before

The end is near I can sense its arrival

I eat your fruit like it is for my survival

Your taste is flowing upon my lips

As I feel the rise of your hips

The pinnacle to give such pleasure

Moments I will always treasure

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Moment Shared)

Moment Shared

Lay upon the bed before you now

You want me to show you how

I please myself when you aren’t there

This you want me to share

Most intimate a moment this will be

This pleasure I give myself for you to see

Slowly I caress myself for you

Because I love you so true

My body responds as I get erect

This caress it has the effect

Slowly I stroke up to the top

You tell me please don’t stop

Quicken the pace feel I’m starting to tighten

The sensation and sighs escape as it does heighten

Cum for me, cum for me you whisper in my ear

Cum for me, ‘I love you my dear’

With these three words I let out a moan

The most animalistic of groans

My love escapes as I release

From the look in your eyes I can see you are pleased

As my breath does settle you give me a kiss

This moment we share gives me such bliss

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Point of No Return)

Point of No Return

Slowly gliding the blinders over my eyes

I quietly sigh

Tracing fingers along my skin light

Senses heightened with no sight

Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you need’

And on this you will feed

Hand slides between my thighs

I give a nocturnal sighs

Taking hold of what you want and crave

For you my love I save

Light lips make traces upon the most tender part

Racing does my heart

Taking me all in with passion and lust

Have me all you say you must

Animalistic groans escape my lips

As I do raise my hips

Muscles tighten reaching the point of no return

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Nothing to Say)

Nothing to say

How beautiful you are walking my way

So much beauty have nothing to say

With sway of of your hips I am pulled in

Thoughts in my mind are of all of sin

Your legs are covered in silk that entrance

No way I can take away my glance

You look at me and can tell the effect

yes oh yes I am erect

Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you like’

And you give your dress a hike

Smooth skin above the lace

My fingers I do trace

Take my hand a lead the way

I follow with nothing to say

©Chris Chonos

Writing thought

My mind wanders as I write this post and share my new adventure. I am going to be working on another blog entirely dedicated to erotica. I have done this in the past but for some reason felt bad writing in this style; but I have found that I miss it as well…I find it extremely liberating and fun to let my imagination run wild a little bit. I am still going to have my Erotic Wednesday’s here but with a blog completed dedicated to erotica I can focus on that part of my writing.