Mere Mortal

Oh, I am but a mere mortal. I am not able to fly above the clouds, run at supersonic speed, no super human strength or travel through time in a portal. I don’t process and of these super powers but I do have one thing that all of us have and that is the change one persons act with one simple act of kindness.

I see this as one of the greatest superpowers us mere mortals have. Whether it as simple as giving a kind word to a person who seems down or a shoulder to cry on we all have this ability. It doesn’t require a superpower to be able to lift someone up and possibly save their life; it is just a simple act of kindness.

I remember walking down the street one day in St. Louis when I was taking some photos downtown and this homeless man came up to me just to talk. I am a very open and non-judgmental person so I talked to him for what must have been a good hour. He told me how he use to have a job and family and loved taking photos. This person just opened up to me because I took the time to listen.

He also told me had try to wash up in a local restaurant because he wanted to apply for a job, but because he wasn’t there to buy anything they wouldn’t let him use the restroom. I immediately thought this was ridiculous and went over to the restaurant to get him a gift card so he was now a paying customer. I had never seen someone so happy and for the first time he smiled at me and said ‘god bless you’.

See being kind has more rewards than money can ever buy….it buys an inner peace and a warm heart. So don’t worry if you have those superpowers I mentioned before…the size of your heart is the greatest superpower you will ever possess.