I have been struggling lately with deciding how to journal, I know nothing that will change the world, but I have thought about it a lot lately. Many people will tell you pen to paper is the only way to journal and give you that real connection to your writing and I agree with that, but the convenience of technology and journal apps is definitely inviting…quiet the quandary.

I have had digital journals and they are definitely handy, but recently I moved away from that and just stored my diary digitally, but now I had a ah hah moment, why not combine the two. I can write notes in my notebook and create sketches on my tablet and add them both to the online journal, my paper journal will contain notes and when technology isn’t available or I just want to jot down a quick note I can write them down or even transcribe entire notes to my app. I know this seems like double work but hear me out.

Not only do you have your thoughts in two places but you also have time to refine those ideas and if it is a poem even clean it up, I also like being able to see what I crossed out on paper because sometimes those outside notes or scribbles can inspire other ideas…so it is a win win for me.

Ok, I know what you’re saying this isn’t some great idea or huge revelation in thought but I think it is a nice compromise of pen and paper and technology and a way to combine to ways of writing.