Small Moment

Small Moment

Her head in his lap
stroking hair gently
Tender touches
Soft touches
Seeing her eyes, the eyes that drew him in
Pools for which he could drown
Gently push the hair from her eyes
Gathering her gentle sighs
A smile appeared upon his face
Both hearts do race
Give a gentle forehead kiss
This moment so soft and tender
A small moment of bliss

©Chris Chonos

You Already Are

You Already Are

Laid gently upon a bed of silk, I admire your beauty 
Pure love fills me
To hold you
To kiss you
To make love to you
Moving ever closer I touch your skin
Soft as silk under my finger tips
Feeling goosebumps rise, hear your pleasured sighs
Take me you say, let me be your fantasy
I whisper softly in your ear
—-you already are

©Chris Chonos



Fire you breath into my soul

Passion and desire beyond control

But do I want control I ask within

Or let this fire of love begin

Surrender I say, let you take me now

Show me fire only you know how

©️Chris Chonos

Their Love is Stronger

Their Love is Stronger

Storm clouds loom

With a thunderous boom

Lightning flashes upon the sky

Everyone gives a heavy sigh

Blocking out the sun that shined

A glimmer of light we can find

For nothing can stop the love today

As ‘I do’, they do say

Their love stronger this storm on the rise

That darkening these skies

©Chris Chonos

Love Between Us

For my beautiful wife who I am forever in love with ❤️

Love Between Us

This love between us now

How to explain, I don’t know how

Deeper than the ocean blue

My love for you I hold true

Wider than the canyons deep

Your love I will always keep

You are my soulmate this I know

As old together we grow

Forever within my heart

My dear I knew this from the start

©Chris Chonos