Appearing from the shadows, nothing but satin and lace between you and me

This heavenly angel do I see

Losing my breath no sound does escape

You smile at as your lace you do undrape

Slowly walk in my direction

Tonight we share our longing affection

Embrace in love we do

Then I take away your breath too

©️Chris Chonos

Our Desire

Our Desire

Eagerly waiting for you to appear
Laid out upon our bed
My glory on display
It is time to play
To take away your fear
Enjoy and forget about the day
Our bodies merge into one
Only us and our fun
Passion burns like fire
sweat does pour
Inhibitions released fulfilling pure desire

©️Chris Chonos

Promise to You

For my beautiful wife❤️

Promise to You

Magical words spoken

Promises never broken

To hold your heart forever

To make you happy I endeavor

To bring smiles to your face

To make your heart forever race

Till the end we walk forever true

This I promise to only you

Happy Glow

Happy Glow

Happiness my heart does overflow

This does bring a happy glow

Joy within my heart it brings

Joyful song it does sing

This love you have brought to me

Beauty helped my eyes to see

On this road of life together as one

From sun rise to setting sun

©️Chris Chonos

Between You and I

Between You and I

Delicate words spoken between to souls

With gentle kisses upon sweet lips

Envelope me in loving arms

Keeping soul free from harm

Safest place between you and I

Held sacred within the hearts depths

No one can breach these gates

Between you and I

©️Chris Chonos

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Lay down your weary head

Lay it upon my chest to sleep

In our bed we do keep

Dream sweet dreams through the night

Far away from evil and fright

For in my arms I will hold

And keep you safe in my loving arms tight

©️Chris Chonos