Erotic Wednesday (Point of No Return)

Point of No Return Slowly gliding the blinders over my eyes I quietly sigh Tracing fingers along my skin light Senses heightened with no sight Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you need’ And on this you will feed Hand slides between my thighs I give a nocturnal sighs Taking hold of what youContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Point of No Return)”

Love Poem Tuesday (Love You Give to Me)

Love You Give to Me Filling my heart with love every day Like cup filled to the brim With the sweetest wine that ever tasted Not a drop will be wasted But treasured and held to be consumed Intoxicated with the sweetest joy To feel drunk with happiness To stumble and stager with glee YourContinue reading “Love Poem Tuesday (Love You Give to Me)”

Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)

How I Dream Waiting in a dream of you Laying across the softest satin sheets Fully exposed mind and body Looking like an angel so true Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting to take you to a place of ecstasy Of bliss beyond your wildest fantasies To ravage and make you feel whole Down to your veryContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)”

Erotic Wednesday (Meeting Across the Room)

Meeting Across the Room Magic created at first glance This meeting is not by chance Moving closer we embrace Your body hands do trace Kiss of deep passion swept away Take you to my bed to lay Trace lightly upon smooth skin With fingers and lips lighting the fire within Oh feed upon your sweetnessContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Meeting Across the Room)”

Love Poem Tuesday (Love will Always Be)

I will always be there for my love. Love will Always Be My heart does overflow And forever grow With love I have for you Love forever will show true With open arms when feeling low My compassion I will show Always be by your side Endeavors you try; support I will always provide WithContinue reading “Love Poem Tuesday (Love will Always Be)”

Writing Prompt Friday (First Site)

Writing prompt for today is First site. First Site it was for Me To see for the first time Sparkling eyes Shy smile Did not hear my little sigh Knew then as walking towards Heart it said these little words You love her you fool How did it know? Ask yet still How could itContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (First Site)”

Erotic Wednesday (Dance Called Love)

Dance Called Love This dance called love we share Music plays within our heart Intertwined as one nothing to pull us apart In unison moving and swaying as one Pace starts to quicken as the beat does rise The love I see within your eyes Mouths meeting tongues create their own dance Hips swaying fasterContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (Dance Called Love)”

Writing Prompt Friday (Stringed Lights)

String of Lights Oh how I look upon the summer nights Stars they seem like a string of lights To light the night and twinkle high above lighting the dance floor my love For as we embrace and sway as one The lights most beautiful peer through Staying lit till we are done These starsContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Stringed Lights)”