Love Poem Tuesday (Together We Belong)

For you my love always and forever.

Together We Belong

Warmth in my heart every day

With little things you do and say

Pick me up when I am blue

Lets me know your love is true

Arms to hold and heart to love

No one is above

You are my strength when not strong

Together we belong

I love you dear with all my heart

Hearts connected nothing can ever part

© Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Forever You)

Forever You

Eyes shining brighter and smile delights

Blinding with love warming very soul

Darkest day filled with light; this with love

Brighter than than any angel above

Keeping soul alive when feel can’t go on

Making me feel forever strong

Heart beats faster then any drum known

This gaze upon me my love has forever grown

Forever it will be for only you 

You my love forever true

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Our Rhythm)

Our Rhythm

The feeling of skin on skin

Sweat pouring out of pores

Sounds escaping lips of pleasure

Heat building in our very core

Meeting with a rhythm of our own

Moving in time with every thrust

Bodies aching for the release

Faces expressing intentions shown

Rhythm increase as that moment is near

Head thrown back with ecstasy and lust

Pushing deeper inside of your love is a must

Our release in sync is heaven my dear

© Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Shown Me)

Shown Me

Writing words to show to you

How I love you so very true

With every touch and kiss I feel

How your love is so real

You give to me a gift beyond all

You have taken my heart and soul

You lift me up when I am down

Laughed with me when I’m a clown

You held me tight and shown me

How true love is supposed to be

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Point of No Return)

Point of No Return

Slowly gliding the blinders over my eyes

I quietly sigh

Tracing fingers along my skin light

Senses heightened with no sight

Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you need’

And on this you will feed

Hand slides between my thighs

I give a nocturnal sighs

Taking hold of what you want and crave

For you my love I save

Light lips make traces upon the most tender part

Racing does my heart

Taking me all in with passion and lust

Have me all you say you must

Animalistic groans escape my lips

As I do raise my hips

Muscles tighten reaching the point of no return

© Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Love You Give to Me)

Love You Give to Me

Filling my heart with love every day

Like cup filled to the brim

With the sweetest wine that ever tasted

Not a drop will be wasted

But treasured and held to be consumed

Intoxicated with the sweetest joy

To feel drunk with happiness

To stumble and stager with glee

Your love sets me free

This feeling won’t fade this I can see

With this love that you give to me

© Chris Chonos