A Little Music and Poetry (Mythical Beast)

A little different type of poetry for me but tried to match it with the music I composed.

Mythical Beast by Me

Mythical Beast

Marching to the beat drum beat alone

With magical powers shone

With power you reach in

As your power drive does begin

Muscle does twist and pull with a scream

This energy driven molevolant dream

Fading in and out the fight does rage

As released from your cage

As the fight does does subside

So you fade to where you reside

@Chris Chonos

Just Groovin (Music and Poetry)

A little music I worked on this morning along with a poem.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Just Groovin

Keep on Groovin

Bodies in motion keep on moving

Bodies moving ‘keep on groovin’

Swaying in time to the rhythm it provides

Taking us on the magical ride

Forget all the troubles of the day

All the troubles pushed away

Lost in the music all disappears

Driving away all the days fears

So keep on movin

Keep your bodies groovin

© Chris Chonos

Always trying new things

I am always looking for new things and have started a blog that is set up to highlight all the area of the state of Wisconsin I am from…the Fox Cities. This area has a great music tradition with the Mile of Music in Appleton and all the live music venues in the are it only seemed natural to try and help promote these artists from an area that is really made up of small communities.

I am delving into the podcast world and using some of my writing skills to work towards creating newsletters or possibly just a small digital magazine that just features a few of the artists as well as the great music scene. If you are interested in some of the music from my little corner of the world you can check it out on foxcitymusicartists.com…it is a work in progress and is just in the infancy stage but it will get there and hopefully I can make it a great site for all the area has to offer.

New Project (Working on Me)

With the things I’m going through I’m currently working on a new project for myself, a kind of opera you might call it. Working in GarageBand I’m creating music that is the show of a how I feel in a typical day. I have only 2 pieces completed so far and thought I would share them. The first one is called ‘Dreams’…it is before the day begins and the second is called ‘Day Begins’. I am working through issues using music.

I have taken the last few days off from work to work on myself and work through these issues. I have set up time with a therapist, started my meditation practices up again…I have been very lax in doing those as depression and anxiety can cause those feelings of not wanting to do much of anything.

I have also tried to focus on one task and that is this project…I will still be sharing some writing but the schedule I set for myself is out the window. I’m using this time to work on me and work on my mental health.

So, please enjoy the music and if anyone out there who is dealing with these issues needs someone to talk to and just listen please don’t be afraid to reach out…I’m not a therapist but I am a kind ear…or get out there and talk to someone.

Song Dreams composed by me
Song Day Begins composed by me