Always trying new things

I am always looking for new things and have started a blog that is set up to highlight all the area of the state of Wisconsin I am from…the Fox Cities. This area has a great music tradition with the Mile of Music in Appleton and all the live music venues in the are it only seemed natural to try and help promote these artists from an area that is really made up of small communities.

I am delving into the podcast world and using some of my writing skills to work towards creating newsletters or possibly just a small digital magazine that just features a few of the artists as well as the great music scene. If you are interested in some of the music from my little corner of the world you can check it out on…it is a work in progress and is just in the infancy stage but it will get there and hopefully I can make it a great site for all the area has to offer.


While I have only really been serious about blogging for about 2 weeks now; I have found it very liberating. I was never truly serious about sharing my writing with anyone before but now I can’t imagine not just writing and writing to just get all these words out of my head. I would call this a true revelation.

I know most of my writing is very simple, but I have always had words in my head that would roll around; and now I truly have the will and the desire to get them out. I hope in the near future I can start working on a book or something a little bigger but I will be taking things in baby steps.

So today I have been thinking of other things to add to my site and maybe the blog posts and I think I may have come up with an idea. My beautiful wife Stacey has been one of the greatest inspirations for my writing and May have a day just dedicated to her…this might become Stacey Saturday…we will see.

Remember to look for ‘Only photo Monday’….first one is this Monday.

Breaking News!!

Breaking News!!! See how I grabbed your attention? LOL!!

I’ve decided to start featuring something new on my blog; a day designated specifically for my photos. As you know I like to use my photos for inspiration, but in reality it is one of my other passions and want to give it one day where feature them; because as you know a picture is worth a thousand words.

The new day will be called ‘Only photos Monday’. It will start on the 22nd of March and should be a lot of fun. Hopefully maybe some of my photos can inspire some of those other poets out there.

Can’t wait to share!