The air is cold

With a blistering wind

Upon the man’s face

As a tear upon a mans face does trace

The tear of the homeless

No glove or jacket to keep warm

Or shelter to protect

But he is faceless

A man no one sees

In the crowded streets

He is homeless

Forever to roam

@ Chris Chonos

Lost Memories

Lost Memories

My memories they do fade

A much darker shade

Lost in the annals of time they go

For the curtain falls a fading show

Reach with all my might

To bring them back to sight

No matter how I pull at the curtain rope

I know they are lost with no hope

© Chris Chonos

Dream…Crumbling (poem)

This poem is inspired by a dream I could not seem to wake from


World crumbling down around

Crumbling without a sound

Cracks come down the wall

To my knees I fall

Try to wake from this dream

Pulls me deep it does seem

Can’t escape or get away

It seems this dream I must stay

Water flows and seems to drown

Deeper my mind it goes down

Planes the cross across the sky

But only in my eyes

Buildings start crumble and shake

And only then do I finally wake

©️ Chris Chonos