Word of the Day Monday (Deride)

The word of the day is Deride- This word is a verb meaning the following: to laugh at or insult contemputously to subject to usually bitter or contemptuous ridicule or criticism¬†:¬†to express a lack of respect or approval of I have to be honest I had never heard of this word until today. Below isContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Deride)”

Word of the Day Monday (Nepenthe)

Ok, so I know it isn’t Monday but unfortunately life got in the way of things once again so it is time to play a little catch up; and I will be putting a name to my writing from this day forward. The word of the day is Nepenthe- (Noun) An Ancient Greek word, nepentheContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Nepenthe)”

Erotic Wednesday (My Heart did Race)

My Heart did Race My heart does race As she traces her fingers across my face Those eyes have me hypnotized Oh so long have I fantasized To take her to a place on high Where together our spirits fly Reaching out to kiss her lips Like a fine sweet wine I sip Pull herContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (My Heart did Race)”