Monday Thoughts

My Monday thoughts clouded

Forever shrouded

With a fog I can’t deny

Though I fight through and try

With words to express

Though I digress

To share how I feel today

Find the words to say

So I write this poem instead

I hope it does clear my head

©️Chris Chonos

Summer Night Music

Summer Night Music

Window cracked to let in cool breeze

Fireflies glow in the night

These swirling lights such a sight

Crickets chirp their simple songs

Bullfrogs sing along

The music brings a gentle peace

As the window allows in the cool breeze

©️Chris Chonos

Just a Child

Wishfully I think upon the days

Gently swaying trees

The warmth of the suns rays

The humming of bees

The carefree thoughts of childhood

Not a care in the world

Everything seemed nothing but good

Oh, to go back in time and feel that free

No cares or worries

And just a child be

© Chris Chonos


We recently lost our little buddy Blue, we will miss him, he brought so much joy to our life.


We will always remember you blue

The little big cat in our life

All the things you would do

You knew when it was time to eat

And cuddle when you wanted heat

Showed us love with a purr

All our hearts you would stir

You provided comfort when needed too

Your love was unconditional and true

So as you pass we remember all about you

Our cat named blue

©️Chris Chonos

My Words

My Words

Read my words that I put down, these are my words I share with you, some true some false but still mine.

Do not persecute or ridicule what I say, for in these words I reside with emotions I can not hide.

So enjoy and interpret them as you will for my words represent me and with my soul I fill.

©️Chris Chonos

Little Mouse

Little Mouse

In the shadows they lurk

Hidden, the evil smirk

Ready to pounce

With every little ounce

Small though they be

They do scare when we see

Oh this little mouse

Hidden with this comfy house

©️Chris Chonos