Evil Foe

Dedicated to the Ukrainian People…through this harrowing time know we around the world have you in our hearts and prayers.

Evil Foe

The valiant fight

You inspire

To fight for right

In the face of fire

Give your life

To what you believe

Fighting strife

Against an evil foe

©️Chris Chonos

Allow Light

Allow Light

Magic seems to fade

A darker gray

A darker shade

Blocking out suns rays

Not letting the light

Reach down below

Almost to night

When will the skies clear

Allow light through

Take away fear

Allow happiness true

©️Chris Chonos

Freedom Taken Away

Dedicated to the people in the Ukraine…know we are with you.

Freedom Take Away

People fighting for freedom

Dictator invades

Putin is his name

Taking freedom is his game

Attack with no remorse

Raging war is his course

West just looks in awe

He shows no remorse

Rage he shows raw

Heart goes out

People as they flee

Love what it is about

Please let them be free

©️Chris Chonos

Heart Ache

Heart Ache

Heart aches unbearable pain

Wonder how I keep sane

Pulling heart strings taught

The feeling is fought

Time will heal the pain

Take away this heart strain

Love again I will

With love my heart will over fill

© Chris Chonos

Words Spill

Words Spill

My words spill on the page

Sometimes in fits of rage

Sometimes love seems to fit

To the heart it does hit

But for the words I do write down

They help me not to drown

Real they are with no pretense

Simple personal defense

To what I am feeling at that time

Put into a simple rhyme

©Chris Chonos

No Dreams for Me

No Dreams for Me

Sleep alludes me as night does fall

My dreams do call

To join the colorful parade

Sleep I do not fade

My mind does fail me

And will not let this sleep be

Awake for hours or short sleep I do find

For this racing in my mind

Will not let me join my dreams

Other ideas it has it seems

To stay awake

So my mind does ache

No dreams for me this dark night

Awake till morning light

© Chris Chonos