51 Years Around the Sun (12 March 2023)

This week has been one of writing and working on my journal. I have even investigated a new journal app and have abandoned the paper journal. To me it seemed overly repetitive and keeping up with both was actually becoming a little too much.

I still keep notes in my poetry notebook but haven’t been writing much poetry just notes for myself and possible future poems. So today I’m sharing a few notes from my journal and bits and pieces of my writing.

6th of March 2023-Poem (Thoughts)

I was inspired to write the following while watching a show on tv about a serial killer Jared Fogel.

The monster in plain site, not in the shadows or hiding away, in fact you may see them every day. Not a scare figure at all, yes the monsters are all around.

7th of March 2023 – 3 word Prompt (A scratch, A hallway, twins)

A rumble ran through the house as Mikey road his big wheel down the hallway, his mom Michelle laughed, “Be careful Mikey” she said. Mikey could be reckless, he was only 6 and the huge house provide an almost racetrack feel as he peddled away with the little spring making the little three wheeled vehicle sound like it had an engine. He was having fun and wasn’t hurting anyone so Michelle focused on her other son Jeffrey.

Jeffrey and Mikey were twins but with such different personalities. Mikey was the reckless one and Jeffrey was the sensitive artsy one. He was busy working on his recent creation, a clay bird that he had been working on all day. He was covered in clay from head to toe but he made sure he stayed on the papered area that his mother had set aside for him. He smiled as he stood back and looked at his creation, “What do you think mom” he asked her, “Looks good honey” she replied.

Michelle loved both her boys and started to hum to the song on the radio as she washed dishes. The peaceful and comfortable life her family enjoyed were because she had worked hard and made good investments and because she had lost her husband in a terrible car accident a year earlier. It had left a terrible hole but she was determined to use the boys as happy as possible.

She was just finishing her last dish when she heard a thud and heard both of her boys cry out for her. She nearly dropped the plate but luckily caught it just in time. She went to see what the problem was. When she walked around the corner she saw that Mikey had flipped his big wheel right into Jeffrey, both boys were crying and had scratches on their forehead. She ran to them and took them to the bathroom. As she was looking at them she was amazed to see the scratch was on the same exact place on their forehead and arms. Even when hurt they would be identical, she just shook her head in amazement.

8th of Mar 2023 – Excerpt from Journal

I started working out again.

Had a good workout tonight, starting to feel better as I workout more and work other areas…I always like arms and shoulders I might add some more shoulder stuff later but for now this works good.

9th of March 2023- The big storm is coming

Yes there was a big storm on its way and I just had to get a screen shot…I don’t do that very often but this is the second storm we had so far in the matter of 2 weeks and we are in another one now.

Screen shot from phone

10th of March 2023- Meditation

I was up to 30 days in a row meditating. The calm app helps to keep me on track. I have thoroughly enjoyed meditating each day and have found it to be very helpful. I think 30 days is a pretty remarkable streak for someone who has a hard time sticking with anything…lol. I set a goal to try and have a 365 day streak. You heard that right a full year, it is lofty but I think I can d it.

11th of March 2023- Journal

I downloaded a new journal app called Stoic to possibly replace the journal I am using now. It has a lot more features but is a little more expensive for a year but with the extra tools to help with journaling including prompts and including meditation in its features it might be a viable journaling tool. I’m going to test it for the week free trial and will make a determination after the that.

This has been a week of rest and taking care of myself which is something we all need. The next week I’m planning on do more creative things, but you never know what the week will bring.