Thought for the day

Ahhh…writing for the sake of writing. I have recently found myself in this position and am unsure what to do about it. I have read plenty of blogs from people saying that they only write in their blog when they feel like writing, but I know me; and with my short attention span I will stop writing all together, which is strange because I so enjoy writing here now, hence having numerous blogs in the past.

I’m sure others go through these feelings, I guess I will continue to write when I feel like it and have those days where I publish 3 or 4 things in one day and ones where I don’t post at all. I find it strange how my writing comes in bursts…but I guess that is who I am as a poet.

Fumbled Words

Fumbled Words

Mental block today

Can’t find the words to say

Start to rhyme within in my head

Nothing can be said

Hard to focus; hard to think

Some more coffee I will drink

Maybe later the words will flow

Maybe they will grow

Rambling on write this down

Kind of feeling like a clown

So share these words I will do

These fumbled words from me to you