Erotic Wednesday (Moment Shared)

Moment Shared

Lay upon the bed before you now

You want me to show you how

I please myself when you aren’t there

This you want me to share

Most intimate a moment this will be

This pleasure I give myself for you to see

Slowly I caress myself for you

Because I love you so true

My body responds as I get erect

This caress it has the effect

Slowly I stroke up to the top

You tell me please don’t stop

Quicken the pace feel I’m starting to tighten

The sensation and sighs escape as it does heighten

Cum for me, cum for me you whisper in my ear

Cum for me, ‘I love you my dear’

With these three words I let out a moan

The most animalistic of groans

My love escapes as I release

From the look in your eyes I can see you are pleased

As my breath does settle you give me a kiss

This moment we share gives me such bliss

© Chris Chonos