Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)

A Walk in the Rain Jeff looked outside and saw that it was raining, how he loved the rain. The gentle drops falling from the sky to clean the earth below, the smell and the sound of it gently hitting the roof. One thing he especially loved was taking a nice walk in the rain…heContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)”

Writing Prompt Friday (Watching a movie while it storms)

The Surprise ‘Wow, it is looking nasty today’… Chris said to Stacey. Stacey had a frown on her face, there was no prediction of storms today; and they had an all day planned of taking photos and visiting different parks. What Stacey didn’t know was Chris had a surprise for the end of the day.Continue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Watching a movie while it storms)”