A Home (Flash Fiction)

A Home

T​he tree fell with a thunderous roar upon the forest floor, throwing foliage and branches in erroneous directions; this was the first of many trees Jeff was going to tumble to build his first log cabin. He had lived in one as a child, but to build it with his own hands was going to be momentous challenge.

T​he floor plans he received from the architecture firm were filled with dimensions, symbols and notes he first didn’t understand, but with some perseverance and hours of studying at a local community college he now understood the meaning of what seemed like a foreign language before.

‘​Yes!, one down and a lot more to go’, Jack proudly said to himself.

J​ack climbed in the cab of the log hauler, hooked the chain securely around the tree and began to pull it to the collection pile he had designated for the debarking and cutting process. Cutting down trees was the easy part, but preparing the logs to be turned into the walls for his new abode was going to be the true test of his abilities. Climbing down from the cab of the hauler to release the log from the chain Jack noticed a twist had formed in the links, this concerned him because it would cause more tension in the chain and possibly snap back. The Best course of action in a circumstance like this is to relieve some tension on the chain, so he climbed back up into the cab and backed up, he could hear the chain relax and see the twists loosen. He smiled, Jumped of the hauler and removed the chain from the log. Standing back, putting his hands on his hip, nodding and smiling he viewed this his first successful log haul; he was on his way to not building a house but his family’s new home.

Surprising Stop (Flash fiction)

Since I started working towards free lance writing I am feeling so inspired to write, and it is really writing off the cuff.

Surprising Stop

T​he wind whipped past his head and blew his hair to the side as he drove his red sixty-nine mustang convertible. Jefferey had been on the road for way too long and the time alone and needed some company. He has been traveling selling those damn shower rings for hotels.

T​he sign up ahead flashed vacancy, sure it was a run down old motel, but it sure looked like a good place to stop for the night; the bonus of a bar connected didn’t hurt, and he sure could use a drink. 

Walking into the motel registration office he could smell cigarettes and cheap beer, and when he walked up to the desk he knew where the smell was coming from. Behind the desk was a short portly man with what looked like a Cuban cigar hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

T​he man looked at him and said ‘Welcome to the Motel of Pleasure’, 

A​ll Jack could do was give a little smirk and say ‘Thank you’. 

M​an behind the desk then introduced himself as Hernando and handed Jack the key to his room, to no surprise the room assigned was sixy-nine.

T​he walk to the room was nothing short of an adventure. There were hypodermic needles, packages of weed and beer bottles all over; this was not a place for a family.

O​pening the door to his room it reminded him of the 1970s; shag carpet, brown paneling and all the colors he remembered as a kid…all the browns and oranges you could imagine. He threw his travel bag on the bed but hesitated to lay down on what he figured was a semen covered cover, but he was so tired he gave in and crashed.

H​e woke up about 3 hours later, and he could hear music coming from the bar, so he decided to take a quick shower and get out and meet the locals, and partake in the libations the bar had to offer, and not just the drinks.

W​alking into the bar Jack was surprised by how many women were in the bar, and they weren’t the bar flies he expected in a small town, they were attractive. Having a one night stand was looking like a real opportunity, and he was ready for the challenge.

A​pproaching the bar he motioned to the bartender for a drink. The bartender asked him what he was craving. Jack looked at the bottles along the backside of the bar and said ‘whiskey and sour neat’. The woman sitting next to him laughed and chimed in ‘me too’. Jack looked at the woman with a smile and said ‘great minds think alike’, they both laughed.

‘​Hi, my name is Jack, what’s yours?’

‘​My name is Sherry, nice to meet you.’

A​fter the pleasantries were exchanged they started to have some deep conversations in everything from music to politics; Jack had never found anyone he could have such deep conversations with, and was truly enjoying himself. During all their talking he knew he had truly found someone special, and what surprised him most is that a dive like this.

T​he night started to wind to an end, even though Jack didn’t want it to, so he moved close and gave a gentle kiss upon her cheek and whispered in her ear, ‘come back to my room with me’. She pulled back and smiled, ‘yes’ was all she said.

On the way back to his room thoughts raced through his head about what he wanted and what he had found…this was not a one night stand, this was what he knew was forever.

Movie Idea (Flash Fiction)

I’m truly enjoying just writing some flash fiction and short pieces. I am using this an exercise for writing and will get back to some poetry and photos soon.

Movie Idea

​he wind was blowing with a ferociousness never heard before. The trees whipped back and forth creating, what looked like havoc in the sky. The moon a bright beacon beyond the silhouetted branches; this was scary, and Jim knew it would make for a great shot in his upcoming home movie.

H​e was an amateur film director in 9th grade with a passion for horror movies. Being lucky enough to have some friends in the local theater made it easy to get actors for his premier, but what was he going to name the move? Was it going to be about vampires, werewolves or Frankenstein, no it had to be more gruesome than any old school horror; it had to be gruesome and grotesque. He always had a fascination with Rob Zombie films, the cult films fascinated him, he wanted to create a cinematic extravaganza that no one would forget.

Taking the camera and framing the tree in the lens he knew what he wanted; the scene would be, a man hanging from a branch with a noose; his entrails hanging down with a pool of blood below. The key to the scene would be how the man was hoisted to such a height; did the person use a ladder, a lift or was the killer a giant. Jim laughed to himself, a giant would make for an interesting killer and be spin on a story like Jack and the Beanstalk. 

The Fishing Ends (Flash Fiction)

I’m writing from the top of my head right now and just letting words flow with ideas. I’m finding this a refreshing way to write.

The men stood on the deck of the ship watching the waves crash against the hull with thunderous sounds they knew tonight was going to bring little to no sleep. As the men slipped into their bunks they could hear the wind howl and thunder booming, they knew that sleep would have to come as the next day was going to be the busy emptying the cages full of king crab.

D​reams of money filled the men’s heads as they slept, but along with the money would be sore muscles and bumps and bruises; and falls and sprained ankles. 

A​s the fisherman woke in the morning they were welcomed by the cold brisk air of the bearing straight. Ice lined the hulls, and they knew that there would certainly be chipping involved to start the day, this was not going to be fun, but hopefully worth the work.

A​s the men began to chip the ice away, johnny the smallest of the bunch fell crying out in pain. He found the patches of ice on the deck, the rubber boots never provided much traction, but they did keep their feet dry. They carried him below deck and propped his foot up on one of the cushions and had to decide what to do next. Did they want to take him back to port or put ice on the ankle and hope for the best? The choice was simple, they needed to get him back to port, the fishing was going to have to wait.

T​he captain lumbered up the stairs to get them steamed back to port, this was money out of his and the men’s pockets. He knew heading back was the best, but still hated to make the trip because gas wasn’t free, and they would need to fuel up again before heading back out.

Navigating into the port the wind picked up and tossed the ship back and forth causing the captain to over-correct the ship and head directly for the dock. The first mate screamed at the captain; fear showing in his eyes, but there was nowhere to go as the boat crashed hard into the dock with a thunderous crash.

The trip was over and so was the opportunity to make money this year for the captain and the men.

Flash Fiction Thursday (Thanks for the Gas)

I screwed my schedule up so here we are Friday with a Flash Fiction Thursday. I will get back on track soon. This is my first attempt at writing flash fiction so I hope to get better as time goes by. Please let me know what you think, any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

Thanks for the Gas

I was driving on a lonely stretch of highway in the middle of Arizona when my car started to make the strangest noises like clanks, clunks and chugs; as I looked down I noticed I had run out of gas. Shit, how could I have not filled up in the last town? I pulled over to the side of the road and came to an abrupt stop.

As I looked around I realized I haven’t seen a car it what seems like a lifetime. I got out of the car and looked at my phone, of course no signal. I decided a long walk was the plan till I got a cell signal; or made it back to the last town I passed through.

As I started down the road it started to get dark and the temperature was starting to drop; and to make matters worse, in the distance coyotes were starting to howl like they were ready to feast. I picked up the pace not only to make better time but to keep warm, who thought you would need a jacket in the desert?

I was just coming over a rise when I saw lights in the distance, what the hell is that?, I said to myself. It looked oblong with 3 rows of lights all different colors. 

As I walked closer I could see what looked like lizards walking around. They had long tails, appeared to be green in color and were standing on 2 feet. If you have ever seen the Geico Insurance commercials that is what they looked like.

As I stood and just stared one of the creatures noticed me and appeared to smile. ‘Come on over’…he said, My name is Clive and you look like you are lost and could use some help. I was taken aback and just stammered out ‘my name is Jack’. 

We exchanged some pleasantries and he asked me what I needed. I told him I have run out of gas in my car, but I wasn’t sure he could help. He laughed and said ‘I sure can’; and with that he pushed some buttons on a control panel near him and a gas can appeared full of fuel. 

I just stood in utter disbelief, I didn’t know what to say so I just said ‘Thank you’. He patted me on the shoulder and I left with a full can of gas and one hell of a story to tell.

Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)

A Walk in the Rain

Jeff looked outside and saw that it was raining, how he loved the rain. The gentle drops falling from the sky to clean the earth below, the smell and the sound of it gently hitting the roof. One thing he especially loved was taking a nice walk in the rain…he didn’t know what it was but it made him feel clean and new, so he grabbed his rain coat and umbrella and decided to take a little stroll.

As he walked out the door he took a deep breath and a smile came across his face…the song ‘Singing in the Rain’ just popped in his head and he laughed out loud. He started to hum the tune as he started his way down the street.

He was a happy man and people could tell, he made sure of it. He jumped in every puddle he saw, swung around a light pole and had the biggest smile on his face. One particular person took a particular interest in Jeff…her name was Sarah.

Sarah liked the rain as well and couldn’t help but giggle at Jeff as he was coming down the street. As he got closer Sarah started to sing ‘Singing in the Rain’ out loud as well and jumped in the nearest puddle. Jeff took notice of this and stopped, he had to meet this person who loved walking in the rain as much as him.

‘Hi there’, Jeff said. This took Sarah by surprise but she responded ‘Hi to you as well’, she had a big smile. ‘Would you like to walk and sing with me in the rain?’…Jeff asked. ‘Sure, that would be great’…Sarah responded.

So Jeff grabbed her hand and they started skipping and dancing through the rain and hitting every puddle along the way. Jeff asked if she would like to go to the park, they had a great trail and the sound of the rain on the leaves and watching the drops hit the pond were like Mother Nature’s own music. Sarah said she would love to.

Once they got to the park Jeff showed Sarah the pond as they walked the path holding hands the whole time. Once they were far enough down the trail Jeff asked her if she wanted to dance. Sarah nodded and they both put their umbrellas down and took their hats off and danced slow and close in the rain…both knew they had found the person for them.

Writing Prompt Friday (Watching a movie while it storms)

The Surprise

‘Wow, it is looking nasty today’… Chris said to Stacey. Stacey had a frown on her face, there was no prediction of storms today; and they had an all day planned of taking photos and visiting different parks. What Stacey didn’t know was Chris had a surprise for the end of the day.

You see Chris had planned a outside dinner with all of her favorite foods and a musicians playing for them, now Chris had to do some quick thinking.

‘What do you want to do?’…Stacey asked Chris. Chris thought for a while and said…‘let’s watch some movies, it’s a perfect day for it.’. Chris had programmed all of Stacey’s favorite movies and they were ready to go but she didn’t know that…so there was definitely a surprised look on her face when he showed her the line up. She looked at him and gave home a kiss and said ‘thank you babe.’.

As they started to watch the movies Chris excused himself and worked put his plan into motion. He called the people who were providing the food and the people that were going to play their song and arranged for them to arrive at the house at the same time. After he had done that he went and sat down with Stacey again and continued to watch the movies.

At 7 pm the doorbell rang and Chris answered the door…everyone was there and he invited them in. Stacey had a look of shock on her face. ‘What’s all this?’. ‘Well since we couldn’t go out I wanted to surprise you with nice meal with all your favorite foods and some music’.

Stacey’s eyes welled with tears and said…’Thank you babe…I love you.’ With that Chris grabbed her and kissed her and said ‘I love you too.’

All the while the storm raged outside but it seemed like a bright sunny day inside.