Monday Thoughts

My Monday thoughts clouded

Forever shrouded

With a fog I can’t deny

Though I fight through and try

With words to express

Though I digress

To share how I feel today

Find the words to say

So I write this poem instead

I hope it does clear my head

©️Chris Chonos

Rambling and Writing

I use an online journal for my thoughts and writing; and today I was just writing a few lines down. Some of these lines turn into ideas for a new poem; and sometimes I think they stand on their own. So today I am sharing a few of my ramblings and short pieces.

Your Hand

Happiness within a slight touch of your hand, casually touching mine. These are the memories I hold and can neither be bought or sold.

A Kiss

A kiss upon the softest lips causing emotions to surge as a whirlwind from my soul; and when taken away leave a heavy toll. 

Blank Space

Cascading words fall upon the page, filling the blank space with my memories trace.  For as it fades away as time goes by I will look upon these pages to see who I was and who I’ve become.

© Chris Chonos

Monday Thoughts

Ok, ok…I know it is Tuesday but yesterday was a rough day so you get my thoughts on Tuesday…if you want them or not…lol.

Yesterday we put our cat Blue down, it was a rough day, I didn’t know him as long as my wife or step son did, but it is truly amazing how an animal can grab your heart, he inspired me to write the poem yesterday and once again helped me feel better, remembering all the good things about him.

We have two dogs as well and all are our fur babies, they show unconditional love; and yesterday just reminded me how you need to appreciate them because they have such a short time with you. They wag their tails, jump up and always listen to you no matter what, yes I talk to them.

So today is a day of remembering all Blue did for us and how much we will miss him, but also a day to remember to appreciate our fur babies and love them as much as they love us.


We recently lost our little buddy Blue, we will miss him, he brought so much joy to our life.


We will always remember you blue

The little big cat in our life

All the things you would do

You knew when it was time to eat

And cuddle when you wanted heat

Showed us love with a purr

All our hearts you would stir

You provided comfort when needed too

Your love was unconditional and true

So as you pass we remember all about you

Our cat named blue

©️Chris Chonos

Monday Thoughts

Monday thoughts have been about reading more poetry and trying new styles…to be honest I just write and don’t think about style too much…is that weird?

I think of myself as more of a poet from the gut…not sure that really is a thing but that is how I feel I write.

So more reading poetry and trying new things that has been and will continue to be my way…I hope people just enjoy what I create

Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts

This Monday I’m thinking about how much of a struggle it has really been to write.

I kept up with my quotes but really struggled with writing any original poetry, but sometimes I think it is good to have a few days off and work on another creative outlet and music is mine.

I didn’t publish but one piece and did a lot of the pieces for myself, I think that is sometimes a good thing too…be creative not for everyone else but for yourself.

I am doing more of that as it is sometimes a great release and self therapy.

Monday Thoughts

Ok, so it’s Tuesday but have to keep the name going, right?

Thoughts are kind of in a wandering mode right now…writing is all over and a lot of inspiration has come from tv actually…a lot of horror and crime filled shows.

I love pulling inspiration from all kinds of media and experiences…sometimes a song will provide inspiration, but this last week a lot has been pulled from plain old tv.

I find it strange how words just start flowing in and boom…I have something to write, it almost feels as if I pull from thin air and like some people with numbers starting putting words together. I truly believe why my writing is so random sometimes and why I will write so many different things, even a single day can be all over.

I don’t know how many people feel this way, but I know that’s why I have to continue to write, otherwise my head would be flowing over with thoughts.

Monday thoughts

My week of writing has waived from depression to happiness. This is truly a reflection of my moods and feelings.

I love that I can bare myself this way, it makes me human and not afraid to express myself.

My thoughts aren’t very deep but they are mine and allow me to feel free…it’s weird because I express them so much better in my writing then I do sometimes in person, so expect that in all my writing for it is the real me.

Monday Thoughts

S​itting down and writing my thoughts has been great training in writing discipline and a way to clear my head out one day in a public forum, as I was thinking about what to write it occurred to me that sometimes the best writing is when you give thanks to the people that read my work, and the advice that they offer.

T​oday I would like to thank all you for reading my poetry and in particular ‘The Reluctant Poet’. He provided a book suggestion to me the other day called ‘Poemcrazy’; this book has been an inspiration to me; and started to give me focus on my writing. The practices that are included in the chapters may seem obvious to some, but to me they are eye-opening. I have included it my library on my phone, and mark pages with bookmarks; I’m going to be honest I had never done that before. 

T​he other readers of my writing give inspiration with their works, and kind words. To know there’s a community of people that support and encourage you is truly overwhelming. I have now completed a little over a year of writing in WordPress and look forward to reading other people’s work and creating more myself.

S​o, to summarize this Monday Thought is dedicated to all you…. Thank you.