Word of the Day Monday (Collude)

Collude (verb/kuh-LOOD)- to conspire or plot. Example of use: The two companies had colluded to keep prices high. All the Same The dangers times with which we live Not only one but all Take whatever we will give To the freedoms we do have fall Not on group or the other takes the blame In it allContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Collude)”

Word of the Day Monday (Emigrate)

The word of today is Emigrate. Emigrate- (EM-uh-grayt/verb) Emigrate means “to leave a country or region in order to live somewhere else.” Migrate, emigrate, and immigrate are all about being on the move. All those terms come from the Latin word migrare, which means “to move from one place to another.” Emigrate and immigrate sound alike, and it is true that both involve leavingContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Emigrate)”

Word of the Day Monday (Bromide)

The word for the day is definitely a word I had never heard before: bromide. Bromide (BROH-myde/Noun)- A bromide is a commonplace or hackneyed statement or idea. An example of its use: His speech had nothing more to offer than the usual bromides about how everyone needs to work together. “A banal bromide like ‘trust the science’ helps neitherContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Bromide)”