A Day Without Writing

This a free flow writing where I just put down words as they came to my head.

A Day Without Words

To go a day without

Not t putting a word down

With my mind fought

How to not put down a word

Not that anyone heard

In my mind only and not for all

My heart it does fall

Putting the words away

Maybe nothing to say

But no my words flow

Thoughts they grow

So not a day with out words

Words they will be heard

©️ Chris Chonos

Words are Amazing

With this being a day I can write anything I wish, writer’s choice, I decided to share a word and give the definition. I recently subscribed to Merriam-Websters word of the day and a word popped up that I hadn’t heard of before. I am finding it more fascinating every day to see some of these words; and in this instance to find a word that there is one with an opposite meaning that is used a lot. So as not to keep you in any more suspense the word is MAJUSCULE; and coincidentally enough it means the following: a large letter (such as a capital). The opposite is minuscule which in turn use to mean very small writing style in medieval time but then turned into a generic term of anything small later.

Below is a couple example from Merriam Webster’s word of the days email::

“At least the random emphatic majuscules on blogs are uncommon enough to make a rhetorical impression, though perhaps one not quite worthy of Serious Journalism.” — Katy Waldman, Slate, 25 Aug. 2016

“It is the name Meyer-Decker—the eleven letters, the two majuscules, the hyphen that’s a bridge to grander things—which ambushes him, which jumps from its inky thicket and assails him at last.” — Jonathan Meades, Pompey, 1993

Language is such an amazing thing and to be able to learn something new, at least for me, is always a joy. With Merriam Webster’s word of the day I will continue to learn more new and exciting words to help in my writing adventure.

So with that it is another POST in the books, boy my blog has some huge Majuscule’s.