Writing Prompt Friday (Mercy)

The writing prompt today is mercy.

Mercy Please

The man he kneels before all to see

Knowing what will be

Begging and pleading for his life to spare

Does anyone that sees care?

Anguish upon his face as he knows his fate

In the crowd much hate

The executioner raises his ax above his head

The look in the man’s face full of dread

One last plea of mercy does escape his lips

But too late as the axe does slip

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Signs)

Actual sign where I live…a little humor for this Friday


Look all around and all you see

All these things telling me

Signs to telling what to do

Where to go and accepting as true

Signs telling me where to park

And where to avoid after dark

Telling to go this way and that

Even when I don’t know where I’m at

Where to enter or exit with signs on the ground

All over parking lots they can be found

Stop!!! it seems is the most popular one

This one you dare not run

Signs telling to be aware

For a shock will receive if you dare

Signs all around I have found

Some foolish and some sound

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Being Released from Prison)

I Need a Drink

There he stood waiting in line to get his possessions back, John had been in prison for the last 10 years for vehicular manslaughter. He couldn’t believe he was finally going to be this god awful place.

It was 10 years ago that he had gone out with his friends to celebrate his 21st birthday, he could finally drink legally. His friends were buying all the rounds and putting shots in front of him so fast he couldn’t keep up. He knew he was really drunk but wanted to get home to get some rest so he snuck out on his friends when he went to the bathroom.

He knew he shouldn’t drive but didn’t want to wait for an Uber driver to get there and pick him up either, that just gave his friends more opportunity to get him back in the bar and feed him drinks…and he was done.

He clearly remembers fumbling with his keys and then the rest is a blur. The next thing he knew he was laying in his car with blood running down his face and a police officer looking at him and asking if he was alright. John couldn’t even answer him and the police officer new he was intoxicated. He got John out of the car and over to an ambulance where they looked at him and bandaged up what were very minor cuts on his forehead.

The police officer came over after that and gave him Breathalyzer test and proceeded to read John his rights. It wasn’t till later he heard that a 10 year old and her mother had been killed in the other car. John was devastated and felt a sense of fear come over him when the police told him he was being arrested for vehicular manslaughter…2nd degree murder.

The trial was very short and John plead guilty, he knew what he did was wrong and was willing to accept responsibility for his actions. The judge was not so forgiving and gave him the longest sentence he could with no parole.

Prison was a terrible place and he felt remorse and guilt every day for what had happened. He spent most of the time in his cell and swore he would never drink again, no matter what. He went to meetings while in prison for addicts to help keep him off the juice when he got out.

John finally received all his possessions and was led to the door out of the prison. Ten years of his life gone and he was going to rebuild his life, where would he even begin.

As he walked out of the prison his best friend Brian was waiting in his car to take him home or wherever he wanted to go. He looked at John and asked ‘Where to buddy?’. John just looked at him and said ‘I need a drink’.

Writing Prompt Friday (Neon Sign)

Neon Sign

I was walking down a dark alley there was trash littered about, cats making that terrible cat call and the smell of human waste that burned my nose. I had just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years, well I guess I didn’t break up, I caught her with my best friend in our apartment. She just looked at me when I caught them making love in our bed…I didn’t say anything, I just turned away and walked out the door. I knew I would have to get my stuff sooner or later but right now I just wanted to be alone.

As I continued my slow shuffle with my head hung low I heard the soft humming…I didn’t know what it was, but why did I care…I felt dejected and not in the mood to care about anything at the moment. I saw a homeless man sitting near a dumpster, he looked disheveled but kind, he asked me if I had some change I could spare and a smoke. I dug in my pocket and handed him what little change I had and gave him a smoke…I leaned down to light it for him. He smiled at me and just said…’follow the light’. I had no idea what that meant but it just seemed like he was a little tipsy and he an empty bottle next to him. I just smiled and said…’sure, I’ll do that’, and went on my way.

I had just left the alley and turned the corner when I saw this neon sign on a small building that said ‘Good Things Always Happen’…it looked like a little bar, so I decided to stop in and have a beer or two to maybe take some of the pain away.

As I walked into the bar I noticed this woman sitting at the end, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was curvy in all the right places, beautiful brown eyes and wavy brown hair down past her shoulders but what really caught my attention was her smile. She seemed to have a very kind smile…I couldn’t explain it but it just drew me in.

I walked to the bar a couple seats from her and ordered my beer…she looked in my direction and said…’Hi my name is Cheryl’…I politely waved and said…’Hi my name is Jeff.’ We shared some pleasantries back and forth; I was enjoying the conversation.

‘You look like you are little down in the dumps’…she said. I explained to her what happened to me earlier…her smiled dropped from her face. ‘I know how you feel, I walked in on my boyfriend and best friend a couple of days ago’…she said.

It was nice to have someone to talk to that understood how you felt at that moment and we seemed to connect on so many levels. She was an aspiring writer as was I, we liked a lot of the same foods and hangouts. I couldn’t believe the luck of meeting someone in such a small little bar.

It was starting to get late and I needed to head somewhere to sleep for the night; I didn’t want to go back to the apartment until tomorrow to get my things so Cheryl said…’I know a place you can stay for the night, my place. You are very kind and I feel as though I can trust you.’ I was so surprised and said…’How do you know I’m not an axe murder or something?’. She said…’I can just tell by the kindness in your eyes.’

I paid for our drinks and followed her up to her apartment upstairs above the neon sign.

Needless to say we are still together and it has been 10 years…I can’t believe it….thank god for the homeless man and the neon sign.

Writing Prompt Friday (A Walk in the Rain)

A Walk in the Rain

Jeff looked outside and saw that it was raining, how he loved the rain. The gentle drops falling from the sky to clean the earth below, the smell and the sound of it gently hitting the roof. One thing he especially loved was taking a nice walk in the rain…he didn’t know what it was but it made him feel clean and new, so he grabbed his rain coat and umbrella and decided to take a little stroll.

As he walked out the door he took a deep breath and a smile came across his face…the song ‘Singing in the Rain’ just popped in his head and he laughed out loud. He started to hum the tune as he started his way down the street.

He was a happy man and people could tell, he made sure of it. He jumped in every puddle he saw, swung around a light pole and had the biggest smile on his face. One particular person took a particular interest in Jeff…her name was Sarah.

Sarah liked the rain as well and couldn’t help but giggle at Jeff as he was coming down the street. As he got closer Sarah started to sing ‘Singing in the Rain’ out loud as well and jumped in the nearest puddle. Jeff took notice of this and stopped, he had to meet this person who loved walking in the rain as much as him.

‘Hi there’, Jeff said. This took Sarah by surprise but she responded ‘Hi to you as well’, she had a big smile. ‘Would you like to walk and sing with me in the rain?’…Jeff asked. ‘Sure, that would be great’…Sarah responded.

So Jeff grabbed her hand and they started skipping and dancing through the rain and hitting every puddle along the way. Jeff asked if she would like to go to the park, they had a great trail and the sound of the rain on the leaves and watching the drops hit the pond were like Mother Nature’s own music. Sarah said she would love to.

Once they got to the park Jeff showed Sarah the pond as they walked the path holding hands the whole time. Once they were far enough down the trail Jeff asked her if she wanted to dance. Sarah nodded and they both put their umbrellas down and took their hats off and danced slow and close in the rain…both knew they had found the person for them.

Writing Prompt Friday (Donation)

Jenny: Are you sure you want to donate this?

Brian: Yes. This one and the others as well.

Jenny: But this box is labeled ‘KEEP’

Brian: Yes, I know but it was memories of long ago and I don’t care to remember that past.

Jenny: What kind of memories could be that bad? Obviously it was important to you at one time

Brian: This memories are of a person I once loved, and yes they were once important to me, but she broke my heart.

Jenny: I am so sorry, what happened?

Brian: Well, it is a long story, it really wasn’t one thing but many things that led up to us falling out of love. You see we were once so deeply in love that you couldn’t separate us, we did everything together.

Jenny: What do you have in here?

Brian: Well, an assortment of things. I kept the first rose she ever gave to me, our tickets from the first movie we ever went to, a stuffed animal she bought for me on a trip; a penguin, the first shirt she ever bought me and a boutonniere from our wedding. I know these won’t mean much to anyone else but I can’t just throw them in the trash but of course understand if you do.

Jenny: Those are very close and personal things and I find it deeply romantic you kept them for so long. I don’t know if any one will want them but will take care of this for you. May I ask you why she left you.

Brian: It is very simple we just fell out of love. The last three years of our marriage was spent in separate bedrooms and no time spent together. She spent most of the time on her phone or with her other friends. Little did I know by friends it was her lover.

Jenny: I promise to take special care of this donation

The following day the Jenny finally opened the box…tears welled up in her eyes for she knew the personal attachment this had to the man who donated it…though she knew it wasn’t a donation, but more of a way to get rid of the past without it being just tossed in the trash. That’s when she decided she had met the one true romantic left in town.