The Cuddle (A Writing Prompt)

The Prompt: “cuddle with me for a minute.”

The Cuddle

“Cuddle with me for a minute” she said. John looked over as Michelle laid on the couch. She had just got some bad new about her friend Jess. Jess had been killed in a car accident, this devastated Michelle and John knew she wasn’t in a good place right now. “Let me just finish getting these vegetables cut up for supper” Michelle interrupted him “Just for a minute babe, I really need you loving arms around me now” John nodded, he understood how she was feeling, he had recently lost a good friend of his a couple of weeks ago and it just wrecked him.

He put the knife down and came over to the couch and put his arms around her. She began to weep gently, it was killing John to see her this way and held even tighter.

I have an amazing husband, Michelle thought to herself, I can’t believe I was having an affair with Jess while he was out of town last week. It just happened. Jess came over to help keep her company while John was out of town and one glass of wine too many is all it took for her to succumb to her best friends wants and desires. They ended up spending the entire night in her marital bed. The rest of the week was a blur and full of sexual escapades that Michelle never knew she was capable of and even involved Jess’s husband Mike, Johns best friend.

“Thank you babe” she said as she looked up at him. “Your arms feel so good and comforting and help a lot, I love you”, John smiled and said “I love you too”.

John smiled and thought, if only she knew that me and Jess were together a couple of weeks ago; and not in just a friend type of way. He and her had met each other at a bar one night and one thing led to another and him and her had sex in the back of their car. He didn’t mean for it to happen but sometimes things just do. He felt so guilty he made up a story about having to travel for work to get his mind straight.

Both of them sat for a long time in each others arms before John said “I need to get supper finished but I promise we will sit and cuddle for as long as you need to have we are done”. Michelle agreed and watched as he went back into the kitchen. Yes, she had an amazing husband, she smiled at John. John smiled back and thought to himself, I have such an amazing wife.

©Chris Chonos

That Damn Dog

Prompt: In a small town, there’s a dog that keeps getting into a chicken coop and eating the chickens. The owner of the chicken coop is threatening to shoot the dog.

That Damn Dog

“Damn it, that neighbors dog is in the chick coop again” Mike yelled to his wife as he ran out the door with his shotgun, I’m going to kill that fucking dog he told himself as he headed out the door. “Don’t do anything stupid honey” his wife yelled after him. His neighbor Ed’s dog had been eating his chickens and it was pissing him off.

Just as Mike got to the coop and was about to raise his gun Ed came running over waving his arms and yelling “Don’t you fucking shoot my dog you asshole.” Ed and Mike use to be the best of friends until Mike put up that chicken coop and got chickens, but this had ruined their friendship because Wilbur, Ed’s basset hound, had already eaten two of the chickens and they had been fighting about it the last month.

“Those chickens are my livestock, and part of my lively hood Ed now, this is the last time he eats my property.” Mike yelled back. Ed took between Mike and his dog, “You’ll have to shoot me first, and I don’t think you want to go to jail for murder.” Ed continued to stand there trying to convince Mike to put the gun down, but Mike wasn’t doing it and the anger just built up inside.

Mikes wife Mary was just about to go outside when she heard the two men yelling when all of sudden she heard one loud blasts outside, there is no way he has actually done it she thought as she opened up the back door, but sure enough when she opened the back door there Mike laid on the ground with blood coming from his chest and eyes wide open. Ed stood there with a glimmer in his eye. Mary ran to him and they both looked down at Mike.

“He was such an asshole since he got those chickens, always consumed with having to feed them and take care of them, it was like he loved them more then me” Mary said, “I knew he would break though, and that would set up the perfect reason for me to have to defend myself. We finally got what we wanted” Ed replied. They both smiled as Ed pulled Mary in close and said “Now we can finally be together, this is a clear case of self defense.” Mary nodded as they kissed and she built up some fake tears and dialed the police on her cell phone.

©Chris Chonos

C’Mere Let Me Take Care of That (Journal Prompt)

The Wood Shop

he feeling of the workshop was like home, this was his favorite place. This was a place where he could feel creative and at peace. His whole life was wood work. He created toys for his daughter, shelves for the kitchen and little presents he present his wife at birthdays and anniversaries, he felt things meant so much more when they were made and not bought. His passions was here, not in some stuff office, he never felt comfortable in a suit so his leather apron and steel toe boots were his style and Maggie loved him for that.

Tonight he was working on a Christmas present for his daughter Julie. She wanted a rocking horse small enough for her favorite doll. It needed to be fancy since her doll was a princess and she was the queen. The pieces for the gift were almost all cut. He had cut out the body and head and already done all the intricate painting. He had decided to go with a British them of painting and made it look like a horse that Queen Elizabeth herself would ride. The only pieces he had left was the base which involved cutting the post that would would attach the body to the rocking base.

He was using the the lathe creating intricate shapes along the piece of wood. He laid the blade upon the last piece of wood and was really getting into it when all of the sudden the blade slipped and his hand slid across the wood. He started to swear and curse, damn it hurt like a son of a bitch. Just as he was starting to get up his wife walked into the wood shop. She ran into the room and asked what had happened. “I just got my hand caught across the wood and I think it took a layer of skin off” he said.

“Awe, c’mere and let me take care of that for you “ Maggie said.

Jeff looked at her an smiled, she was a loving person and always wanted to take care of him. He loved this woman with all his heart. She took his hand and washed it out under the sink in the shop. “This doesn’t look to bad” she said. “It doesn’t hurt to much”. Maggie smiled at him and said “But just to be safe I’ll put some anitbacterial cream on it since it does look like there is a cut and bandage it up for you.”

Once she had finished cleaning and dressing his wound she gave a small kiss on his hand like his mom would have done and smiled. “I think you will survive. How is the project coming along, besides the wounded hand?” She asked. “It is coming along fine, but I’m going to take a break from it for now and finish it up tomorrow” he said.

He turned off the light to the workshop and walked in with his wife. He would get it finished tomorrow and then begin work on Maggie’s gift, a brand new rocking chair for her to sit on the porch. He truly loved building things with his hands; and building a family with his heart.

©Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt (Can you stay here? Please?)

Can You Stay

Jack watched in astonishment as this large man smacked this petite girl in the bar, she couldn’t have been bigger than 5 foot tall and 100 lbs; and he had to be about 185 lbs 6 foot tall. He just reached out and smacked her off her stool, he knew he had to do something. He walked over and told him he needed to apologize and leave. “Who the hell are you, this is none of yer business”, “Well it is now” replied Jack and cold cocked the man and knocked him to the floor. Everyone in the bar cheered, Jeff had been an asshole his whole life and treated Tracey like a piece of shit. Finally someone stood up to him and protected Tracey.

Jeff, rubbed his Jaw, “Get the hell out of here and cool your ass off before I call the cops” the bartender yelled. Jeff told everyone in the bar to fuck off and stormed out of the bar.

Jack looked down at Tracey and offered his hand to her, she gladly took it and got to her feet. “Are you okay?” He asked. “I’m fine, but I need to get away from that man. It’s not like he is my husband just a guy I’ve been living with”. Jack nodded and told her that was probably a good idea. Jack ordered a couple drinks for the two of them as they sat down at the bar where they talked till closing.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” Jack asked Tracey, “That would be great, I just don’t know if I feel safe going by myself” Tracey told him, she had a big smile on her face as they walked out the door.

On the way home they talked about their relationships and in just a short time both felt like they could really could be good friends or maybe more. The night was beautiful and the moon was full which really showed off how beautiful Tracey was, even with the black eye starting to form under her left eye. Tracey looked at Jack and thought he was one of the most handsome men she had ever seen and really hoped maybe there could be more.

They arrived at her house and Jack said “Well, it looks like we are here. Do you think I could give you a call sometime and maybe go out?” Tracey looked at him and said “Of course, I would love that.” Jack started to walk away when Tracey reached for his arm and said “You know I still don’t feel safe and if he came back I’m not sure what I would do”. Jack sympathized with her and just smiled and grabbed her hand. Tracey immediately felt better and asked “Can you please stay with me tonight, Please?”, Jack smiled and said “Of course it would be my pleasure”.

Walking towards the door hand in hand Jack smiled, and thought to himself, good thing she doesn’t really know me; and slowly slid his knife from his back pocket and followed her in through the front door.

©Chris Chonos

Replicating Machine Blues (Flash Fiction)

Replicating machine prompt

Replicating Machine

There was a loud buzz and flash, Dr. Mattis stood watching with blacked out goggles and lab coat looking like a mad scientist creating some kind of monster, but it was not a monster he created, no it was a replicating machine. The inspiration came to him in a dream and now it was coming to reality, well hopefully it was as soon as the light went dark.

As the light finally dimmed he made his way to machine, it was the size of a small freezer with a glass window in the front and it was going to be his future and make him the richest man alive, even richer then Bill Gates or Elon Musk even. He ever so slowly opened the door and peeked inside, he had put a frozen turkey on the bottom shelf and as he peered into this wonderful machine hoping for the best and he wasn’t disappointed, it worked exactly as he hoped, there was another turkey on the top shelf. He jumped to the sky, for he wasn’t going to be rich because he was selling the machine he was going to replicate all the money he could muster and all it took was a dollar bill in his pocket.

Sliding the dollar bill on the bottom shelf he set the machine and stepped back, the machine buzzed and the light flashed and wallah he had two dollars, he kept this process up doubling it over and over until he had no idea how much money. The next day he wanted to put everything he had into the machine for he had emptied every account he had and was going to run the machine one last time. As he slid the money into machine he stood back knowing he would never have to work again or ever worry about money for the rest of his life. Starting the machine it made the same buzzing noise and lighting up as it had done all night but unfortunately this time a flame shot from it and started to rumble, he stood back and started to run to the machine but the machine burst into flames and everything he had was burned up including his house he was working out of. He ran out of the house and watched everything go up in flames, he lost everything.

You see this machine had a soul and it knew he was greedy and it is said as the machine exploded you could almost hear a laugh so evil it could be heard around the town…he hung his head and walked away homeless and penniless.

©Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt (Monster Party)

I’m really enjoying these writing prompts and flash fiction writing.

Monster Party

The party was rocking, Halloween parties were the best and after the long convention made for a great way to release the stress from the business that day. Frankenstein stood by the punch and tapped his wife on the shoulder and said “fire”, she nodded and ran her hand through her tall hair, the bonfire was up and blazing and the zombies were bobbing around it moaning in time to the eerie music playing loud from the DJ stand that was being manned by the wolf man, his nails were great for the scratching and had everyone dancing if out of their mind.

Looking around the room Frankenstein noticed his old friend Dracula, yes they had known each other for years and he wandered over to talk to his friend. “Hey Frank” Dracula said, “Errrr” Frankenstein growled. “Having a good time my reanimated friend?” Frankenstein nodded and started to tap his foot to his favorite song ‘Frankenstein’ by Edgar Winter, the wolf man was on a role and playing all the greats. Frankenstein grabbed his wife and they started to do the Frankenstein dance. Hands up high and waving them about they were feeling the rhythm and the wolf man knew he had the crowd now.

The music was what kept the mummies going and wolf man knew the song that would get everyone on the floor, The Monster Mash was the biggest hit and he howled at the full moon as he got the record spinning. The crowd went crazy and even the new comers to the scene even got out on the floor to shake their booty with the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason and Michael Myers. All the monsters were living it up even if Dracula wasn’t alive he sure felt it and the night was just beginning.

©Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Mercy)

The writing prompt today is mercy.

Mercy Please

The man he kneels before all to see

Knowing what will be

Begging and pleading for his life to spare

Does anyone that sees care?

Anguish upon his face as he knows his fate

In the crowd much hate

The executioner raises his ax above his head

The look in the man’s face full of dread

One last plea of mercy does escape his lips

But too late as the axe does slip

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Signs)

Actual sign where I live…a little humor for this Friday


Look all around and all you see

All these things telling me

Signs to telling what to do

Where to go and accepting as true

Signs telling me where to park

And where to avoid after dark

Telling to go this way and that

Even when I don’t know where I’m at

Where to enter or exit with signs on the ground

All over parking lots they can be found

Stop!!! it seems is the most popular one

This one you dare not run

Signs telling to be aware

For a shock will receive if you dare

Signs all around I have found

Some foolish and some sound

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Being Released from Prison)

I Need a Drink

There he stood waiting in line to get his possessions back, John had been in prison for the last 10 years for vehicular manslaughter. He couldn’t believe he was finally going to be this god awful place.

It was 10 years ago that he had gone out with his friends to celebrate his 21st birthday, he could finally drink legally. His friends were buying all the rounds and putting shots in front of him so fast he couldn’t keep up. He knew he was really drunk but wanted to get home to get some rest so he snuck out on his friends when he went to the bathroom.

He knew he shouldn’t drive but didn’t want to wait for an Uber driver to get there and pick him up either, that just gave his friends more opportunity to get him back in the bar and feed him drinks…and he was done.

He clearly remembers fumbling with his keys and then the rest is a blur. The next thing he knew he was laying in his car with blood running down his face and a police officer looking at him and asking if he was alright. John couldn’t even answer him and the police officer new he was intoxicated. He got John out of the car and over to an ambulance where they looked at him and bandaged up what were very minor cuts on his forehead.

The police officer came over after that and gave him Breathalyzer test and proceeded to read John his rights. It wasn’t till later he heard that a 10 year old and her mother had been killed in the other car. John was devastated and felt a sense of fear come over him when the police told him he was being arrested for vehicular manslaughter…2nd degree murder.

The trial was very short and John plead guilty, he knew what he did was wrong and was willing to accept responsibility for his actions. The judge was not so forgiving and gave him the longest sentence he could with no parole.

Prison was a terrible place and he felt remorse and guilt every day for what had happened. He spent most of the time in his cell and swore he would never drink again, no matter what. He went to meetings while in prison for addicts to help keep him off the juice when he got out.

John finally received all his possessions and was led to the door out of the prison. Ten years of his life gone and he was going to rebuild his life, where would he even begin.

As he walked out of the prison his best friend Brian was waiting in his car to take him home or wherever he wanted to go. He looked at John and asked ‘Where to buddy?’. John just looked at him and said ‘I need a drink’.

Writing Prompt Friday (Neon Sign)

Neon Sign

I was walking down a dark alley there was trash littered about, cats making that terrible cat call and the smell of human waste that burned my nose. I had just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years, well I guess I didn’t break up, I caught her with my best friend in our apartment. She just looked at me when I caught them making love in our bed…I didn’t say anything, I just turned away and walked out the door. I knew I would have to get my stuff sooner or later but right now I just wanted to be alone.

As I continued my slow shuffle with my head hung low I heard the soft humming…I didn’t know what it was, but why did I care…I felt dejected and not in the mood to care about anything at the moment. I saw a homeless man sitting near a dumpster, he looked disheveled but kind, he asked me if I had some change I could spare and a smoke. I dug in my pocket and handed him what little change I had and gave him a smoke…I leaned down to light it for him. He smiled at me and just said…’follow the light’. I had no idea what that meant but it just seemed like he was a little tipsy and he an empty bottle next to him. I just smiled and said…’sure, I’ll do that’, and went on my way.

I had just left the alley and turned the corner when I saw this neon sign on a small building that said ‘Good Things Always Happen’…it looked like a little bar, so I decided to stop in and have a beer or two to maybe take some of the pain away.

As I walked into the bar I noticed this woman sitting at the end, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was curvy in all the right places, beautiful brown eyes and wavy brown hair down past her shoulders but what really caught my attention was her smile. She seemed to have a very kind smile…I couldn’t explain it but it just drew me in.

I walked to the bar a couple seats from her and ordered my beer…she looked in my direction and said…’Hi my name is Cheryl’…I politely waved and said…’Hi my name is Jeff.’ We shared some pleasantries back and forth; I was enjoying the conversation.

‘You look like you are little down in the dumps’…she said. I explained to her what happened to me earlier…her smiled dropped from her face. ‘I know how you feel, I walked in on my boyfriend and best friend a couple of days ago’…she said.

It was nice to have someone to talk to that understood how you felt at that moment and we seemed to connect on so many levels. She was an aspiring writer as was I, we liked a lot of the same foods and hangouts. I couldn’t believe the luck of meeting someone in such a small little bar.

It was starting to get late and I needed to head somewhere to sleep for the night; I didn’t want to go back to the apartment until tomorrow to get my things so Cheryl said…’I know a place you can stay for the night, my place. You are very kind and I feel as though I can trust you.’ I was so surprised and said…’How do you know I’m not an axe murder or something?’. She said…’I can just tell by the kindness in your eyes.’

I paid for our drinks and followed her up to her apartment upstairs above the neon sign.

Needless to say we are still together and it has been 10 years…I can’t believe it….thank god for the homeless man and the neon sign.