Little Writing Here

I haven’t post much here today since I started working on my book, which I decided was going to be a short story and possibly a 3 part series of short stories. The story itself is about 6600 words and 11 chapters. I know short stories are about 5000-10000 words so I know it fits into the category in word length just hope it is complete enough. I know it is a pretty rough draft that took me about 11 days to write so I will be doing some rewriting tomorrow as well as outlining the 2nd short story, does that count as a book…lol.

I think this was a good start to writing more and gave me a good idea of what it takes to write a novella or novel, which would definitely take a lot more work with the same basics. I wrote it free form and wrote as the ideas came to me so we will see how the proofread goes by my beta reader, she doesn’t know she is that yet…lol.

Freedom Taken Away

Dedicated to the people in the Ukraine…know we are with you.

Freedom Take Away

People fighting for freedom

Dictator invades

Putin is his name

Taking freedom is his game

Attack with no remorse

Raging war is his course

West just looks in awe

He shows no remorse

Rage he shows raw

Heart goes out

People as they flee

Love what it is about

Please let them be free

©️Chris Chonos