Our Passion

For my beautiful wife

Our Passion

As lips meet and bodies connect we are joined by passion that no one can dissect.

It is ours alone this passion that burns, ours alone that our hearts yearn.

Rhythmic dance, a beat this is ours alone. With this love that’s shown.

©️ Chris Chonos

Do or Don’t

Do or Don’t

Pushing the envelope of what I share

Feeling like an internal dare

Do I write this down for all to see

What will they think of me

Will it offend or make them blush

Sometimes that is the rush

To express all these feeling inside

Sometimes it is a choice to share or hide

Put them down and lock them away

Or maybe save them for another day

These choices I make as I write

These daring demons I do fight

© Chris Chonos

Your Fire

Your Fire

Fire that burns within your soul

No one dare control

A passion that can’t be extinguished

Not till the the goal is finished

To fulfill your hearts desire

This your soul does require

©️ Chris Chonos

Books and Imagination

Books and Imagination

As a story is told

A magical world does unfold

A world opens to me

A world only I can see

An image of magic a wonder

Sometimes a pirate does plunder

A mystery is sometimes the case

Justice someone must face

Or maybe horror to scare

With plenty of gore to share

These stories you see

Set our imagination free

©️ Chris Chonos

No Fear (Erotic)

No Fear

Fire of lust burns within my soul

As you slowly take control

Taking my arms you tie upon the bed

slowly roll the blindfold over my head

Whisper in a sensual tone with in my ear

Baby have no fear

The lightest touch I feel upon my skin

Lacy and soft so full of sin

Take a hold of what you desire

This you say is what you require

with a thrust I feel your heat

As are bodies to meet

Moans and sighs escape in this lovers beat

Faster as the heat does rise

I hear your patient cries

As the desire explodes within our bodies shaking

I feel both our bodies trembling and quaking

A release of love as you collapse upon my chest

There my love you can rest

© Chris Chonos

Happiness IS

A short poem for my beautiful wife.

Happiness Is

Happiness is being together

Knowing it is forever

Happiness is holding you in an embrace

And how it makes my heart race

Happiness is your tender kiss

And how it brings such bliss

Happiness is Holding your hand

As together we stand

Happiness is knowing you love me true

Happiness is being with you

© Chris Chonos

Thin Air

Thin Air

Grabbed from thin air

These words I share

No meaning it is said

These words just float in my head

Like clouds in the sky

They take me on high

Drifting and floating all scattered around

With nary a sound

© Chris Chonos

Intentions Clear

Intentions Clear

Her eyes pulling me in

A glow appears as fire on a dark night

Showing a glimmer of sin

This temptation I do not fight

Mind seems clouded as she comes near

Nothing else seems to matter now

She makes intentions clear

With a gentle raise of her brow

‘Come with me’ she says in sultry voice

I follow without a word said

For I have no choice

follow her now to her bed

Naked we lay in a lovers rejoice

Hearts pounding as one as love does explode

Ecstasy reached in resounding voice

Falling asleep heart beat has slowed

Peaceful dreams come to that night

When taken by this woman I could not fight

© Chris Chonos

No Lies

No Lies

Feeling freed of the burden inside

No more have to hide

Show my true colors for all to see

Not worry what they think of me

Express myself with words in lines I write

No holding back or time to fight

Let them flow from deep within

These words show where I’ve been

The good, bad and ugly set free

Showing no lies, only me

© Chris Chonos