51 Years Around the Sun (19 Mar 2023)

Another week in the book for this 51 years around the sun; and another morning of meditation. I’ve been meditating now for 41 straight days and can tell you it has made a world of difference.

I thought I would share a quote from my journal by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Surely, in the light of history, it is more intelligent to hope rather than to fear, to try rather than not to try. For one thing we know beyond all doubt: Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says, ‘It can’t be done.’

13th of March 2023- Art Work

I created this inspired by a photo I’ve taken. I really enjoy using Procreate to produce these images.

14th of March 2023- 3 word prompt (A storm, a couple, a pest)

The line of clouds was building, ominous and dark, a wall of pure power ready unleash a storm that no one was prepared for. Jeff and Ellie looked out the window knowing they had to get home as soon as possible because they knew this storm was going to be be big, bigger than they had ever seen before. As the newlywed couple approached there farmhouse the funnel cloud started to form in the northwest, god why did they decide to stay in Kansas…the heart of tornado alley.

Pulling up to the house Jeff hit the brakes hard and yelled at Ellie ‘We need to get to the cellar pronto’, Jeff grabbed Ellie’s hand and pulled her, almost dragging her across the yard to the food cellar. Just as Jeff opened one of the doors the wind blew hard and yanked the door off the hinges. Ellie looked at Jeff and asked “What do we do now?”, Jeff looked around and said “get down in the far corner as far as you can”. Ellie did precisely that and Jeff followed.

The food cellar was dank and dark. Ellie pulled out her phone and turned on the flashlight app and lit everything up and screamed. There was a rat, a nasty fucking pest that she feared more than anything else other than the tornado that was headed their way. She would put up with the pest at least for tonight as her only thought was surviving.

Jack held her tight as they rode out the storm.

15th of March 2023-Poem

Flailing, falling forever crawling, yearning for release from this hell that has been unleashed.
The pain, unbearable sting. 
These screams forever ring.

©Chris Chonos

16th of March 2023-Poem

The hustle and bustle of the day, no time for play.
Work, is all we have time for fighting to fighting to keep from being poor.
But what makes a person rich?
It is clothes with a fancy stitch?
Is it a flashy car?
Something that can take you far?
These big houses with more rooms than you need, Or the the food on which you feed?
No, they are possessions and things that are excess you see
All in the world I need is you and me.

©Chris Chonos

17th of March 2023-Quote

“I like to say it’s an attitude of not just thinking outside the box, but not even seeing the box.” – Safra A Catz

18th of March 2023- Lazy Saturday photos

Chloe in her pillow fort

Chloe likes her pillows and will bury herself in a fort- I put the roof on but a lot of times you will find her on top of or in a bunch of pillows sleeping.

It has been a good week and hope everyone enjoys the upcoming up week and can’t wait to share more.

Heart Ache

Heart Ache

Heart aches unbearable pain

Wonder how I keep sane

Pulling heart strings taught

The feeling is fought

Time will heal the pain

Take away this heart strain

Love again I will

With love my heart will over fill

© Chris Chonos

Your Trace

For my beautiful wife

Your Trace

Amazing feelings do abound

When my love you are around

Love within is all I see

A fire within me set free

A fire that ignites my very soul

A passion that I can’t control

A smile that floats upon my face

As your love leaves its trace

© Chris Chonos

Your Beauty

A poem for my beautiful wife…I love you babe.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Your Beauty

Radiant beams of sunlight flow

With all the beauty you show

Eyes that light up the darkest days

Brighter than the suns warm rays

Your gentleness keeps me warm inside

These feelings for you I can not hide

Give me strength when I have none

Even after the hardest day is done

And as we get old and gray

Your beauty my love will always stay

© Chris Chonos

Sighs Escape

Sighs Escape

The heat it rises as we share this dance

Dance in love joined as one

One body and soul entangled are we

We move in unison as body they sway

Sway to invisible music we make

Make music with our bodies as sighs escape

© Chris Chonos

Beautiful Wife

For my beautiful wife

Beautiful Wife

Colors blended upon canvas sky

Sunsets and sunrises beauty to ones eye

But only one beauty do I see

Is the one standing next to me

The one for I share my life

This beautiful woman I call my wife

She is the one I stare at for hours on end

The one all my love I send

Sunrises and sunsets can’t compare

The beauty and love she does share

© Chris Chonos

A Home (Flash Fiction)

A Home

T​he tree fell with a thunderous roar upon the forest floor, throwing foliage and branches in erroneous directions; this was the first of many trees Jeff was going to tumble to build his first log cabin. He had lived in one as a child, but to build it with his own hands was going to be momentous challenge.

T​he floor plans he received from the architecture firm were filled with dimensions, symbols and notes he first didn’t understand, but with some perseverance and hours of studying at a local community college he now understood the meaning of what seemed like a foreign language before.

‘​Yes!, one down and a lot more to go’, Jack proudly said to himself.

J​ack climbed in the cab of the log hauler, hooked the chain securely around the tree and began to pull it to the collection pile he had designated for the debarking and cutting process. Cutting down trees was the easy part, but preparing the logs to be turned into the walls for his new abode was going to be the true test of his abilities. Climbing down from the cab of the hauler to release the log from the chain Jack noticed a twist had formed in the links, this concerned him because it would cause more tension in the chain and possibly snap back. The Best course of action in a circumstance like this is to relieve some tension on the chain, so he climbed back up into the cab and backed up, he could hear the chain relax and see the twists loosen. He smiled, Jumped of the hauler and removed the chain from the log. Standing back, putting his hands on his hip, nodding and smiling he viewed this his first successful log haul; he was on his way to not building a house but his family’s new home.

Love Poem Tuesday (Together We Belong)

For you my love always and forever.

Together We Belong

Warmth in my heart every day

With little things you do and say

Pick me up when I am blue

Lets me know your love is true

Arms to hold and heart to love

No one is above

You are my strength when not strong

Together we belong

I love you dear with all my heart

Hearts connected nothing can ever part

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Mercy)

The writing prompt today is mercy.

Mercy Please

The man he kneels before all to see

Knowing what will be

Begging and pleading for his life to spare

Does anyone that sees care?

Anguish upon his face as he knows his fate

In the crowd much hate

The executioner raises his ax above his head

The look in the man’s face full of dread

One last plea of mercy does escape his lips

But too late as the axe does slip

© Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Misbegotten)

Misbegotten-(mis- big-GAH-tun/adjective) means “ill-conceived.” It can also mean “having an improper origin.”

Example of use:

The celebrity’s misbegotten tweet went viral.

The university’s Board of Trustees rejected the misbegotten plan for building a new football stadium.

The Past

Those times of the past

The times we thought would never last

Misbegotten plans that we would regret

Plans we would soon forget

Decisions made in haste

All the time we would waste

Reflecting upon those younger days

All those days are just phase

©️ Chris Chonos