To Write Beautiful Words

To Write Beautiful Words Fill your soul with happiness you deserve To brighten every day  Make your heart feel warm With these words I say With these words I say Confessing undying love Forever faithfulness true Forever I love you Forever I love you With every beat of my heart With every touch of myContinue reading “To Write Beautiful Words”

Word of the Day Monday (Exemplary)

Exemplary (adjective, ig-ZEM-pluh-ree)- deserving imitation : commendable; also : deserving imitation because of excellence. serving as a pattern. serving as an example, instance, or illustration. Serving as a warning: monitory. Example of use: The novel is exemplary of 18th-century Romanticism. “The awards … celebrate the exemplary performance of public school teachers throughout the city that inspire students, model great teaching, and enrich school communities.”Continue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Exemplary)”

Word of the day Monday (Inveigle)

This word intrigued me…again another word I had never heard of before. Inveigle (verb/in-vay-gul) Definition: 1. To win over by Wiles 2. To acquire by ingenuity or flattery An example of it’s use: Yet another feather in Channel 5’s home-grown drama cap, this intriguing four-parter should satisfy mystery fans perhaps unfulfilled by ITV’s Finding Alice. Halfpenny excelsContinue reading “Word of the day Monday (Inveigle)”

Writing Prompt Friday (Strawberries)

Mike was sitting in the kitchen contemplating on what to have for a snack and nothing looked good. You see Mike was a junk food man and ate out constantly at all the big fast food restaurants, but he was low on cash and didn’t really feel like going out, so he opened up theContinue reading “Writing Prompt Friday (Strawberries)”