Word of the Day Monday (Collude)

Collude (verb/kuh-LOOD)- to conspire or plot.

Example of use:

The two companies had colluded to keep prices high.

All the Same

The dangers times with which we live

Not only one but all

Take whatever we will give

To the freedoms we do have fall

Not on group or the other takes the blame

In it all they are the same

Colluding to grab all the power they can

Wether it be woman or man

Take what they can and leave all in their wake

Liberty is what they forsake

Collusion it seems to be

How they will control you and me

© Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Shadow)

Writing prompt for today is shadow

Photo by Charlie CT on Pexels.com

My Shadow

Walking along the rolling hills

Loneliness my heart does fill

Path it seems not a soul insight

Sun beats down casting light

Mind it wanders feeling alone

When what to my side is shown

A shadow cast upon the ground

While it walks beside me without a sound

For always there when light does shine

Always know I will find

Constant companion by my side

Out of the light he will hide

But know he is always there

My experiences he does share

© Chris Chonos

Erotic Wednesday (Point of No Return)

Point of No Return

Slowly gliding the blinders over my eyes

I quietly sigh

Tracing fingers along my skin light

Senses heightened with no sight

Whisper in my ear ‘I know what you need’

And on this you will feed

Hand slides between my thighs

I give a nocturnal sighs

Taking hold of what you want and crave

For you my love I save

Light lips make traces upon the most tender part

Racing does my heart

Taking me all in with passion and lust

Have me all you say you must

Animalistic groans escape my lips

As I do raise my hips

Muscles tighten reaching the point of no return

© Chris Chonos

My Words

My Words

Writing is but a window to my soul

Clear and visible for all to behold

A peek into who I am inside

With these words I do not hide

Baring all for the world to see

these words they set me free

Give a voice for what runs through my head

With out a word from my lips said

Fingers my instrument to play the keyboard

Some of them seem to cut like a sword

Yet some them tender like a warm blanket still

A warmth to my heart they do fill

These word are me with a doubt

These words are what I’m all about

© Chris Chonos

Love Poem Tuesday (Love You Give to Me)

Love You Give to Me

Filling my heart with love every day

Like cup filled to the brim

With the sweetest wine that ever tasted

Not a drop will be wasted

But treasured and held to be consumed

Intoxicated with the sweetest joy

To feel drunk with happiness

To stumble and stager with glee

Your love sets me free

This feeling won’t fade this I can see

With this love that you give to me

© Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Inflammable)

The word of the day is inflammable.

Inflammable (adjective. in-FLAM-uh-bul)-Describes things that can easily catch fire. It also means easily excited or angered.

Example of use:

The gas is highly inflammable.

The messenger trembled as he stuttered out the news of the army’s defeat to the highly inflammable king.

Freedom Slips Away

This time that we live

So much expected to give

Not to ones that deserve

But ones that feel we serve

Passion it burns inside me now

Try to control I don’t know how

Take what they think we owe

An inflammable patriot my anger does grow

To give and think they need more

To control and make us poor

All in the name of safety and security they say

As slowly they erode freedoms away

© Chris Chonos

The Shack (Includes Music and photo by me)

Let me know what you think. I combined both my love of music, photography and poetry into one.

Photo taken and edited by Chris Chonos
Music created by Chris Chonos

This Shack

Standing amongst the weeds where no one sees

Darkness cast upon by water still

Weeds grow up and hide

Sitting by the water side

Shingles with wear and tear

Sides seem worn more than a structure can bear

This old shack just seems to stand

As the world builds new not far away

This shack here does stay

© Chris Chonos