Just a Random Thought

Does anyone else concern themselves with how many likes or followers they have? I have been thinking about this for a while, well I guess ever since I started really seriously writing and blogging.

I mean we like other people’s work, whatever that may be, but do we expect them to like or even follow what we are blogging?

I guess my answer to that for myself is ‘no’, I don’t really expect that and don’t really count the likes that I might get on a particular post. Not everything I write is what other people will like; and I certainly don’t expect them to get emails about everything I write. I guess the real question here is…’Do we write for others or ourselves?’.

I personally write for myself but appreciate any feedback and feel really good when someone likes what I post. What are your feelings about this? Let me know what you think in the comments section; and have a great day fellow bloggers.

Erotic Wednesday (Round Two)

Jason kissed Janet with all the passion within his soul, pulling her in close and deep…he needed to breathe her in, all of her in.

Janet felt every part of Jason in the kiss…every emotion and the love he had for her. She knew she wanted more then his kiss…she needed all of him. She pushed him back and took his hand and said…’follow me.’

Jason followed with no hesitation…wherever Janet went he was going to follow. Janet smiled over her shoulder and gave him the slyest smile as she turned the corner to her bedroom.

Once Jason came through the doorway Janet kissed him deep and hard all the while pushing him down on the bed. They were lost in their own world pulling their clothes off as fast as they could…they need skin to skin contact with nothing in between them.

Jason took control and rolled on top of Janet as they joined as one…gasps of pleasure escaping both of their mouths as they kissed deep and passionately moving in perfect rhythm. They could both feel the heat rising as they were reaching the pinnacle; and with one last thrust an animal groan escaped Jason’s lips. This set off Janet who started to quiver and shake with such intense pleasure.

As they both started to descend off their mountain top of ecstasy they curled up close to hold each other close…as they looked deep in each other’s eyes they both said at the same time…’ready for round two?’.

Writing thought

My mind wanders as I write this post and share my new adventure. I am going to be working on another blog entirely dedicated to erotica. I have done this in the past but for some reason felt bad writing in this style; but I have found that I miss it as well…I find it extremely liberating and fun to let my imagination run wild a little bit. I am still going to have my Erotic Wednesday’s here but with a blog completed dedicated to erotica I can focus on that part of my writing.

Love Poem Tuesday (Say or Do)

Say or Do

How to describe how I feel about you

Sometimes they escape me it is true

To put down what I feel in my heart

Sometimes I don’t know where to start

The way you make me feel with every touch

Goosebumps I still feel and that little rush

When you kiss my lips and my knees get weak

That is the love I did always seek

To feel the love you have for me

I know in your eyes I always see

To write about how in love I am with you

Can never compare by what you say or do

©Chris Chonos

Word of the Day Monday (Deride)

Photo by kira schwarz on Pexels.com

The word of the day is Deride- This word is a verb meaning the following:

  1. to laugh at or insult contemputously
  2. to subject to usually bitter or contemptuous ridicule or criticism : to express a lack of respect or approval of

I have to be honest I had never heard of this word until today. Below is an example of this word being used.

Although derided by classmates for his cocksure insistence that he would be a millionaire by the age of 25, he achieved his goal when his Internet startup went public.

Mountain Top

My heart dropped

My ego bruised

Persevere I did

Reaching dreams thought unimaginable

Working hard to get to the goal

Looking past being derided

Early in my child hood

I found the strength

Here I am on the mountain top I climbed

Despite being derided

©Chris Chonos

Virtuoso of my Heart

Photo by Gimmeges on Pexels.com

Virtuoso of my Heart

The music grabs a hold of my soul

Pulls me in to the story it tells

The feelings rush like a stampede

My whole being it seems to feed

A virtuoso, you are pulling my heart strings

Like a violin or cello you play me

Set me free

Take me to another world

A place of beauty beyond reality

Where there are no worries or fears

Where all you hear are laughter and cheers

A virtuoso of my heart you see, this you are to me

©Chris Chonos

Writing Prompt Friday (Strawberries)

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

Mike was sitting in the kitchen contemplating on what to have for a snack and nothing looked good. You see Mike was a junk food man and ate out constantly at all the big fast food restaurants, but he was low on cash and didn’t really feel like going out, so he opened up the fridge to see what there was. The only thing in the fridge was a carton of strawberries. Mike just sighed and pulled them out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter.

‘What am I supposed to do with these?’…he muttered to himself. ‘How can anyone eat these little….red blobs?’. He looked at them for a while and decide, well his stomach decided with all its rumbling, that it was this or nothing.

Mike grabbed the first one and tossed it into his mouth…he just about gagged. ‘That has got to be the nastiest thing I have ever had’…..he said as he cringed. But boy was he hungry so he took another one and just grimaced.

Now Mike didn’t know but his wife was watching him from around the corner and was watching him the whole time….she was quietly giggling to herself before she tapped him on the shoulder. Mike jumped about a foot in the air and asked…’how long have you been there?’ Karen smiled and said…’long enough to know you definitely don’t know how to eat a strawberry, let me show you’.

Karen took one of the strawberries and showed him….’See, you need to cut this little green thing off the top.’ Mike felt like an idiot. Karen put the prepared strawberry into Mikes mouth and waited for a reaction.

‘Oh my god, that is much better’….Mike said. Karen looked at him with a kind of sly smile and said…’let me show you something else.’ With that Karen went to the fridge and pulled out a little jar of chocolate that Mike hadn’t seen before and dipped the strawberry into the chocolate and fed it to him.

‘That is amazing’….Mike said with the biggest smile. Karen gave him a wink, grabbed the strawberries and chocolate. She then grabbed has hand and led him to their bedroom.

Needless to say Mike never thought strawberries were boring after that night.

Words are Amazing

With this being a day I can write anything I wish, writer’s choice, I decided to share a word and give the definition. I recently subscribed to Merriam-Websters word of the day and a word popped up that I hadn’t heard of before. I am finding it more fascinating every day to see some of these words; and in this instance to find a word that there is one with an opposite meaning that is used a lot. So as not to keep you in any more suspense the word is MAJUSCULE; and coincidentally enough it means the following: a large letter (such as a capital). The opposite is minuscule which in turn use to mean very small writing style in medieval time but then turned into a generic term of anything small later.

Below is a couple example from Merriam Webster’s word of the days email::

“At least the random emphatic majuscules on blogs are uncommon enough to make a rhetorical impression, though perhaps one not quite worthy of Serious Journalism.” — Katy Waldman, Slate, 25 Aug. 2016

“It is the name Meyer-Decker—the eleven letters, the two majuscules, the hyphen that’s a bridge to grander things—which ambushes him, which jumps from its inky thicket and assails him at last.” — Jonathan Meades, Pompey, 1993

Language is such an amazing thing and to be able to learn something new, at least for me, is always a joy. With Merriam Webster’s word of the day I will continue to learn more new and exciting words to help in my writing adventure.

So with that it is another POST in the books, boy my blog has some huge Majuscule’s.

Erotic Wednesday (Last Night)

Last Night

John had just left for his business trip and already he was thinking about his wife Janet. He couldn’t get her out of his head after the night they had last night. As usual she made his favorite dinner…a steak, loaded baked potato and a fresh garden salad, but she didn’t make dessert…she was dessert.

She lead him upstairs after they were finished…he just watched her hips sway as he lead him by the hand to their bedroom. She told home to lay down and relax while she got comfortable. she winked at him and went into the bathroom.

John laid down on the bed and waited for Janet…and his wait was worth the wait…Janet came out in the sexiest lace outfit he had ever seen. She made her way to the bed and slowly undressed him touching every part of his body.

Janet made all his wildest dreams come true that night and made him feel like the center of the world…he had never experienced anything like that before. The way her body moved with his in complete unison…the most intense pleasure he had ever felt.

As he sat in his seat on the airplane he already couldn’t wait to get home.

Love Poem Tuesday

This day is dedicated to my beautiful wife and all the love I have for her.

Love set me Free

To breath you in is beyond intoxicating

Getting drunk on your love no high can compare

Your compassion overwhelms me

This love your so graciously share

Give to me freely no conditions to bind

No greater gift could I ever hope to find

A heart so big with love you give to me

It is true your love set me free

©Chris Chonos