The Shack (Includes Music and photo by me)

Let me know what you think. I combined both my love of music, photography and poetry into one.

Photo taken and edited by Chris Chonos
Music created by Chris Chonos

This Shack

Standing amongst the weeds where no one sees

Darkness cast upon by water still

Weeds grow up and hide

Sitting by the water side

Shingles with wear and tear

Sides seem worn more than a structure can bear

This old shack just seems to stand

As the world builds new not far away

This shack here does stay

© Chris Chonos

What I Write

Why do I write

Is it to please others

To please myself

To feed my soul

Is that my goal

No I do think it’s so

There is so much more

Writing out words like never before

They bring peace

And ease my mind

Let my thoughts out

That seems what it’s about

My words are mine that I share

Thought not always eloquent

But I don’t care

They are mine and mine alone

So take what I write as you will

For my head they do fill

©️ Chris Chonos

Old Chair

Photo by SpotwizardLee on

Old Chair

Worn out and old it may be

Rocking with a creek

Maybe a little shaky too

But the history is true

Grandpa did rock in this chair

With a smile and gray hair

A welcome lap to sit

Take a rest a bit

Tell stories of his past

Ear bent to listen to all that he said

Up until his very last

This chair is like an old brogue shoe

Comfort without all the fancy looks

Still a great place to read books

This old chair may not be new

But it’s where my memories are drew

© Chris Chonos

Something New

photo taken and edited by me

I’m going to try something a little new, for me anyway, I’m going to combine my own music, photography and poetry into one. This is something new for me. I have created some of my own music using the application Garage Band, taken and posted my own photos and writing but never combined them into one.

Not sure if I will have anything this Thursday, since that is the day I leave for me to do whatever I want, but I will give it a shot. I want to give the entire feeling of the poetry with all of my own creations.

So lets see how it goes.

Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)

How I Dream

Waiting in a dream of you

Laying across the softest satin sheets

Fully exposed mind and body

Looking like an angel so true




Waiting to take you to a place of ecstasy

Of bliss beyond your wildest fantasies

To ravage and make you feel whole

Down to your very soul




Waiting to taste your lips

To kiss every being of your body

To fill you with passion

With an animalistic fever that can’t be controlled

With needs that need not be told




Waiting to hear sounds escape your lips never heard

Your body writhing as yours meets mine

Our passions explode with abandon as we collapse

On these white satin sheets as my dream does lapse


© Chris Chonos

Monday Word of the Day (coiffure)

I’m back after a little break.

Coiffure (noun/kwah-FYUR)-A coiffure is a style or manner of arranging the hair.

Example of use:

// Linda almost didn’t recognize her daughter as Elyse came off the bus with a stylish, new coiffure.

I See

The wind it blows

Her her hair in coiffure

Her eyes on fire

Embracing her passion inside

She no longer hides

Facing fears

Wiping away her tears

She is strong as she can be

My baby I see

©️ Chris Chonos

New Idea

I have been thinking about a new idea for combining all my passions into one. I have a great love photography but don’t really post much of any of it anywhere anymore…in fact I started my own business to do traditional photos of families, family events, weddings…etc. But my true love is black and white photography and abstract or minimalism photography. I also have a great passion and love for music which I have created some songs and pieces using Garageband in the past. Of course I love to write as well as this blog shows.

So my idea is to combine all of these into one piece. Not sure how I would do that but it is something I have pondered and threw around for the last couple of weeks. In fact I’m thinking of trying it here on my Thursdays where I write about whatever I like or it might be a once a month post, I’m not sure yet.

I think the unique thing about this is the fact that it would all be things I created. Nothing would be copied or anyone else’s work. I know it is a big undertaking and requires some time, but I think it would be worth it to put them all together.

I thought I would share this idea and maybe see what people think…so if you have any thoughts let me know them…I always love hearing people’s opinions. Just need to figure out how to combine them all here.

Thanks for listening.