Word of the Day Monday (Nepenthe)

Ok, so I know it isn’t Monday but unfortunately life got in the way of things once again so it is time to play a little catch up; and I will be putting a name to my writing from this day forward.

The word of the day is Nepenthe- (Noun) An Ancient Greek word, nepenthe is defined as a medicine for sorrow. It is a place, person or thing, which can aid in forgetting your pain and suffering.

No More Pain

Oh how I love thee

You my nepenthe release me

Take away the pain inside

Forgetting the agony I do hide

No more will I suffering will I endure

For your love is so pure

©Chris Chonos

Place just for Me

Place Just for Me

Rest my weary head

Thoughts disappear in slumber

As I lay down upon my bed

But dreams they come with such delight

Taken away to fantasies beyond reality

Wonderful places of sound and sight

Lives of pure immortality

Reach within subconscious mind

Such wonderful sites i can find

Taken away from the stress of today

Taken to a place to play

Good or bad it makes no difference you see

This place is just for me

Problem Solver

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

This is a short little writing that I did for a writing exercise and just wrote. Based off the past issues we had with the pandemic.

Problem Solver

What the fuck is going on here!? The world has gone bonkers was all that Max could say. Max had worked at the same company for 25 years, Big TP, the biggest company in the world that produced toilet paper. 

I suppose you’re wondering what Max was so upset with, well you see even ‘Big TP’ was out of toilet paper. People from work had hoarded all the toilet paper, there wasn’t a single roll on the shelves at work; and the whole place was empty. It seemed everyone had gone completely nuts and taken every inch of toilet paper and Max had to go.

Now Max was a problem solver so he reached for the paper towels, but people had even emptied the dispenser of those…this is crazy! Max decided the only option was to use the sink as his own bidet if he was going to clean up, good thing Max was a taller man.

So after finishing his business he looked at the sink and got himself in position and splashed water on his, well you know and proceeded to clean off…oh he was not happy, but you see Max was a problem solver.

Dream I See

Photo by Jou00e3o Vu00edtor Heinrichs on Pexels.com

Dream I Sees

Breeze blows gently across my face

Fields gently roll like ocean waves to ride upon

Sun shines to bring warmth across my body still

This peaceful feeling my body it does fill

To lay upon the clearing to rest my head

Remove these thoughts of the busy day

Dream of days of fun and play

To run through these fields and ride the waves

For which my soul craves

Oh to be young again with not a care

No worries of work or bills to pay

Oh to just run and play and be free

This is the dream I do see

Writing Prompt Friday (Donation)

Jenny: Are you sure you want to donate this?

Brian: Yes. This one and the others as well.

Jenny: But this box is labeled ‘KEEP’

Brian: Yes, I know but it was memories of long ago and I don’t care to remember that past.

Jenny: What kind of memories could be that bad? Obviously it was important to you at one time

Brian: This memories are of a person I once loved, and yes they were once important to me, but she broke my heart.

Jenny: I am so sorry, what happened?

Brian: Well, it is a long story, it really wasn’t one thing but many things that led up to us falling out of love. You see we were once so deeply in love that you couldn’t separate us, we did everything together.

Jenny: What do you have in here?

Brian: Well, an assortment of things. I kept the first rose she ever gave to me, our tickets from the first movie we ever went to, a stuffed animal she bought for me on a trip; a penguin, the first shirt she ever bought me and a boutonniere from our wedding. I know these won’t mean much to anyone else but I can’t just throw them in the trash but of course understand if you do.

Jenny: Those are very close and personal things and I find it deeply romantic you kept them for so long. I don’t know if any one will want them but will take care of this for you. May I ask you why she left you.

Brian: It is very simple we just fell out of love. The last three years of our marriage was spent in separate bedrooms and no time spent together. She spent most of the time on her phone or with her other friends. Little did I know by friends it was her lover.

Jenny: I promise to take special care of this donation

The following day the Jenny finally opened the box…tears welled up in her eyes for she knew the personal attachment this had to the man who donated it…though she knew it wasn’t a donation, but more of a way to get rid of the past without it being just tossed in the trash. That’s when she decided she had met the one true romantic left in town.

Erotic Wednesday (My Heart did Race)

My Heart did Race

My heart does race

As she traces her fingers across my face

Those eyes have me hypnotized

Oh so long have I fantasized

To take her to a place on high

Where together our spirits fly

Reaching out to kiss her lips

Like a fine sweet wine I sip

Pull her close to feel her skin

My love where have you been

To take you and lay down

In your body, mind and soul to drown

Intertwined as one me and you

Feeling pleasure I never knew

Moans of pleasure escape my body as do yours

Our bodies each of does explore

Reaching the pinnacle of ecstasy your body shivers

My own body begins to quiver

Fall into a loving embrace we do

After we make love, me and you

Challenging Myself

As I sit here today looking at some of my past writing I feel it is time for a little change and challenge myself. My writing, if I’m to be honest with myself, is a little simple. I have never been one to use big fancy words; and have never really studied the English language…lets face it I’m pretty much just a novice writer trying to get my thoughts down.

With this challenge there may be a new look to my page…which I know needs an update and also needs to be more personalized, but there will also be different type of writing; like short stories, erotic writing and delving into things that I am uncomfortable with to really challenge myself…everyone needs a challenge and this is mine in the writing world.

I appreciate all those that follow me and am excited to share this next chapter in my writing life with everyone.

Set me Free

To dare to write and share my inner thoughts

Share them for the world to see

Will this set me free?

The dark places where feelings hide

Corner recesses of my mind

Look and I will find

Thoughts no one knows or wants to see

Exposing the feelings hidden away

Will this set me free?

Muddled words spew from my head

Something needs to be said

To write them down or keep them inside

These feelings I can not hide

Pour them out for the world to see

This will set me free