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Thin Air

Thin Air

Grabbed from thin air

These words I share

No meaning it is said

These words just float in my head

Like clouds in the sky

They take me on high

Drifting and floating all scattered around

With nary a sound

© Chris Chonos

Intentions Clear

Intentions Clear

Her eyes pulling me in

A glow appears as fire on a dark night

Showing a glimmer of sin

This temptation I do not fight

Mind seems clouded as she comes near

Nothing else seems to matter now

She makes intentions clear

With a gentle raise of her brow

‘Come with me’ she says in sultry voice

I follow without a word said

For I have no choice

follow her now to her bed

Naked we lay in a lovers rejoice

Hearts pounding as one as love does explode

Ecstasy reached in resounding voice

Falling asleep heart beat has slowed

Peaceful dreams come to that night

When taken by this woman I could not fight

© Chris Chonos

No Lies

No Lies

Feeling freed of the burden inside

No more have to hide

Show my true colors for all to see

Not worry what they think of me

Express myself with words in lines I write

No holding back or time to fight

Let them flow from deep within

These words show where I’ve been

The good, bad and ugly set free

Showing no lies, only me

© Chris Chonos

New Life Begins

I decided to take stab at the Sunday Whirlwind and write a short story using the words fraught, glimpse, shape, moment, lead, gap, thrust, might, breath, shift, sigh and low.

New Life Begins

A sigh escaped Jesse’s lips when he caught a glimpse of the body laying in the kitchen with a pool of blood around the man’s body. He had no idea what he was going to do and he was fraught with fear that he would be blamed.

His first thought was to moved the body, but the man was huge; and Jesse was in no shape to shift the body let alone move him. He decided that the best idea was to create as much of a gap between this situation as possible and leave town.

The first thing he needed to do was wipe high and low for anything he might have touched when he entered the house; this was going to take a long time since he hadn’t noticed the body for almost 30 minutes, so he grabbed a rag and some glass cleaner and got to work.

Finally after cleaning everything he could have possibly touched the moment arrived when it was time leave the house, as he grabbed some gloves, and turned the knob to leave, he took a look around and knew he was going to have to lead a completely different life from now on.

He walked across the street, got behind the wheel and thrust the car, into drive and with a deep breath began a new life on the run.

© Chris Chonos

The Goodbye (A short write)

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

The news hit me with such force it seemed to shake the foundation of my soul like waves crashing upon the shore during a mighty storm. My mind was battered and bruised with no chance of repair, how had it come to this? I was strong, determined, and full of hope when I came to this new point in my life, but this was more than my heart could bear; and my barriers started to crumble.

My life was shattered when she told me there was no chance to reconcile our differences; and that was of no use to her emotionally, as well as physically. She no longer needed me to hold her or make love to her, but I still needed her there was no denying that fact, and still, she berated me and continued to crush my soul.

S​o, as she continued to blast me with insults that hurt more than any beating she could give my body my mind wandered to a better time, a place where the sun shined; and she was the most beautiful person. The sun was shining upon her hair and her eyes sparkled providing a glimpse into a future that would last forever, but that was not to be; I had to face the truth that our relationship had run its course, and with that, I looked deep into her eyes and said goodbye my love.

© Chris Chonos

Been a busy morning

Between writing and creating some new music I have been busy working on my homepage as well. I kept things pretty basic but trying to add a little more personality to the page as well. I think I have it about where I want it for now, but don’t be surprised if you see it change a few more times in the next couple of days. Trying to add content is tough sometimes and I’m not sure I want to overwhelm people either.

I will keep at it and like I said don’t be surprised if you see changes…I have such a problem deciding what to put on there..

Being an Artist

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

A​s an artist I can say that I see the world a little different from most people around me; and when it comes to writing my mind is a blur with words. This isn’t to say that I can’t look at events or even simple objects in the simplest of terms, it means I see a deeper meaning behind the occurrence or object.; l​ike the great mathematician that sees numbers in their head, I look for words that fit together and make something whole.

M​any a night I spend lying in bed with words flowing through my head, and how to put them together into something meaningful that people will enjoy reading. I feel as though this is a curse sometimes because it makes it hard to sleep; and drives my focus away from other tasks at hand, for example, work…oh dreaded work, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

W​hen I was younger I would scribble words and sentences onto a scratch piece of paper; and keep them hidden from the world, for they were mine. I felt embarrassed that it wasn’t good enough for the world to see how I feel about the world around me, but now I can’t get enough…it’s almost like a drug. 

A​s I grew older I was more serious about my writing and started to write pieces that had deeper meaning, and more personal to my life and feelings. I started delving into dark places and emotions; places I had never been or expressed before, but there I was letting emotions flow out onto a sheet of paper. This was a therapeutic time for me, but still I didn’t share these memoirs of my emotions, with anyone out there.

I like to call the next stage of my writing ‘The Dark Ages’, this period of writing was a period that I didn’t write much, and my writing was sporadic. The words that used to float in my head were blocked, and no words were floating in my head like in the past. It felt like everything was being pushed away, life took over from what I truly enjoyed, the dark ages.

M​y current stage of writing I like to call the awakening; and it’s filled with challenges and experimenting with different forms of writing. I write poetry about my feelings and personal experiences. My goal with most of my writing is to make it personal, and I am the first to admit that I don’t write in a particular classic style, but I write. Since March of last year I have written 340 posts, and that is no small feat for me. This new stage has also allowed me to move beyond writing and including other passions of mine like photography and music, this is a glorious time for me as an artist, and I am grateful. 

B​eing an artist, because that is how I see myself, has provided me with the opportunity to see the world in an entirely different light, and deeper than the surface clutter we see every day.

© Chris Chonos

Just Groovin (Music and Poetry)

A little music I worked on this morning along with a poem.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Just Groovin

Keep on Groovin

Bodies in motion keep on moving

Bodies moving ‘keep on groovin’

Swaying in time to the rhythm it provides

Taking us on the magical ride

Forget all the troubles of the day

All the troubles pushed away

Lost in the music all disappears

Driving away all the days fears

So keep on movin

Keep your bodies groovin

© Chris Chonos

My Wall

Last year my wife told me I should get some pictures for the office and I was all in so we hit some of the local stores around that carry pictures.
She knows I have a huge passion for music so we decided to go with that theme for a spot on the wall.

It took me a while but I got these up on the wall and I think it is so motivational being right there for me to see every day when I’m at work or just hanging out in the office

I just want to say thank you babe for the wonderful inspiration and always supporting me.

I took a little creative liberty with the photo and converted it to monochrome and also added a grunge mat to it.

A photo of the inspiration

Having a Goals

I know they say goals are important and they are, but I have never really set a goal for myself in my writing life. Well, this year is different and I’m excited for the challenge.

I am setting a goal to participate in writing prompt blogs and also submitting my work to be judged. I want to participate in blog prompts on a weekly basis and actually use the tag back feature. I have never done this before and just shared my work on my own blog so something very new to me…I’m looking forward to the challenge; and submitting my work to be judged is definitely scary but I know it will help to make me a better writer as well.

Another goal along with my writing is following through with my photography and submitting my work to photo competitions. I have talked about it for years and have just never done it; and I don’t know why, but it is happening this year.

With all these goals and challenges I’ve set for myself this year I should have plenty to write about here and share.