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Who Guides YOU

Who Guides YOU

Angels fight with us mortals here

One strengthen and one supposedly good

One to strengthen and one to soften our fear

One on a should to the right

One on the left they fight

Both whisper in our ear to guide

To guide on this worldly ride

Which one do you listen to?

To guide what you do

©Chris Chonos

The Search

The Search

A face lost in the crowd, no features to discern or of any concern; but I reach for you just the same as we play this silly game.Finding a mate for life to help through all these troubles and strife.

©️Chris Chonos

New Additions

I am expanding my blog to my photography. I have done this before but it will be coming soon…I’m taking a trip back through my photography journal and sharing some of my work with the world that I haven’t before or only in a limited capacity.

There will be a lot of abstract type of photography and minimalism; all in black and white or monochrome as it is known. These photos will stand alone with no words just the photos to be seen and take what you will from them.

I hope you enjoy my gallery I’m creating….it will be coming soon.

Moment in Time

Moment in Time

Time standing still for a moment, world not spinning, stopped for a glance of what is around and the beauty that can be found.

Oh the peace it brings with that split second to see everything as it is without the congestion allowing for the mental digestion.

So take that moment for yourself, let it be your moment in time; and maybe inner peace will arrive, this for which we all strive.

©️Chris Chonos



A clear path can’t be found

To walk without barriers

No boundaries left to wander

Time left to squander

Give all to the path you choose

Nothing to fear

Nothing lost

Walk this path not afraid to lose

For this is the path you choose

©️Chris Chonos

Heart Race

Heart Race

Take me in your warmest place

But first let my fingers trace

Taste you upon my lips

Take the gentlest sips

Take you to highest high

Hear your soulful sigh

Let me make your heart race

© Chris Chonos

Lives Unraveled

Lives Unraveled

Screaming children in a war ridden land

Where are their fathers as they travel with their mothers

By bus and train the miles they travel

Watch as their lives unravel

Houses destroyed with streaks in the sky

In foreign lands in foreign beds they cry

One day soon may the go back

Hopefully put their lives back on track

© Chris Chonos

I’m Back

I took a short break from writing and posting here other than a song I created and poem I wrote a couple weeks ago, otherwise all of my work has been for me and taking a closer look at what I write and not editing my work so much…even though I don’t edit much and just kind of write on the fly, but there is some weird things I wrote that have helped the creative juices just flow…also even though it shouldn’t, feeling as though I have to write creates more stress than it should.

With all that said I’m ready to get back in the saddle and get some more work out there. Good to be back.

Here is a piece that I wrote a couple of days ago:

A Heap

Falling to the ground in a huddled heap

Strong emotions flow not seep

Lost with no control

Falling into depressions hole

Dig my way out, must find a way

Looking to the brighter day

© Chris Chonos

Field of Flowers

I couldn’t resist posting this poem, it just came to me from a photo I remember taking a long time ago.

Field of Flowers

Let your mind roam to a rolling field

Flowers of yellow sunshine before you

Happiness fills your soul

A smile upon your face revealed

No worries weigh upon you now

Lifted by the beauty laid out

Nature provides your relief

With it’s beauty is how

So gaze in wonderment you must

With no words to speak

Silence provides the mood you seek

In nature’s beauty for which you lust

©Chris Chonos