Just a Thought

I have decided that I will be using a lot of photography as my muse for my writing from this point forward. I think that is a nice way to give a visual to the reader; and it almost works like a writing prompt.

So from this day forward I will be using some of my new photos and older photos for my inspiration when writing my poetry.

Flower in the Dark

Flowers in the dark…a photo I took 5 years ago

Flowers in the Dark

Oh flowers in the dark with colors that shine through

Oh how your beauty is so true

Inspiring all to let your colors to shine even in the darkest hour

Oh how your beauty has such power

Makes the world see things in a different view

Pick you up when feeling blue

Oh flowers in the dark

How help that creative spark

A Little Image and what it can inspire

Pictures can show so much but yet show so little. One of my other great passions that I’m sharing here…they can inspire so much emotion or feelings and many times a small little poem can follow.


Let me sit by the frozen lake

By the edge where the ice flows in

Down by the tree that is all alone

Solitude is what I crave

Down by the frozen lake

Photo by Me

Winter Silhouette

Oh your shadow is gone till the summer comes

But how your silhouette shows in the winter sun

Soon leaves will cover your bare branches full

And provide shade to the walking passers go

Till then we enjoy your beauty in the winter sun

Exquisite silhouette till the winter is done


Perspective is what my photos bring

Happiness is what I feel when I take a shot

Optimism in the world around me

Timing is the key to capture what I see

Options to take or not to take

Grab that shot at the right moment

Reach for the Shutter release button at just the right moment

Aperture, how much light should I let in

Pictures to share with friends and family

Happines I hope they bring

Yes, I love photography

Inner Thoughts

My writing I share with the world bearing my inner thoughts

No accolades do I seek with a heart, star or thumb

But to move someone to make them think is what I want

To know the true meaning to be human using words to share

Your deepest fears or joys for all who care

To share these I will always do

And to myself always and honestly be true

Writing Thought

Writing is like therapy, at least that is how I view it. I am able to get all these things that are swirling around in my brain out and spew them onto a page and feel like my head is cleared for a little bit. Sometimes it takes time to get them out like I want to but there they are.

I started doing writing prompts today; it was fun to have an idea, provided by someone else, to get started. I decided to write it like a scene, my first attempt at writing like that; and I think it is ok for first time attempt. Most of my thoughts are random and poems written on the fly about how I’m feeling in the moment; and this gave me a little more focused way to write.

As I get older I realize that writing is a great way to exercise your brain and really gives me the opportunity to do something I always enjoyed, but never took really serious…that’s not true…lol. I have had other pages before but never seemed really dedicated to the writing process…things have changed; and I look forward to sharing more of my writing in the future here and other places around the World Wide Web.


Keep writing and putting those thoughts down

If you don’t they will make you drown

Mind overflows with thoughts seeping from inside

Keep them contained; I’ve tried

Put them out for the world to see

What people think is what will be

Can’t control how I am perceived

Or how my thoughts are received

Say you like it or say you don’t

Either way I still put them down

So my thoughts they do not drown