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What is this that falls from the sky

White and fluffy and so out of place

The birds sing their little songs in the tree so high

The flowers bloom and the blossoms seem to bloom at a faster pace

The grass is green and I can’t help but sigh

Winter it seems not to let hold of its grasp

Spring with warm weather not snow we should see

But it seems though mother nature will let it be

My Love

My Love

No matter how long the day may be

All my love I will give to thee

Hold you tight when you need comfort at the end of the day

A Kiss to make your heart sing and make the pain go away

A touch to make you know I am always here

To try to subside your darkest fear

For my heart and soul belong to you

My love I love you so very true


Dedicated to my beautiful wife who always asks me why I stare


With beauty that none can compare

You wonder why I stare

A lucky man I am and will always be

Having you next to me

Eyes so beautiful they draw me to you

I see a love so deep and true

A tender touch makes me tremble inside

These feelings I know from you I can’t hide

Holding me close in your loving arms

To keep me from any harm

The kiss you give me tender and soft

Sends me so high aloft

This beauty all wrapped into one I love

Sent from the heavens above

So you still ask me why I stare so deep and long

Because my love you are my perfect song


Photo from the local park


As the snow has faded away

The new has begun

With the warming of the spring sun

The trees are in bloom in the nearby park

They are the new seasons spark

Let us know natures cycle is to start a new

With beauty that is pure and true

Win This Fight

Win This Fight

I see the suffering within your eyes

Struggling inside you feel you can’t share

I fight the urge not to pry

But I must show you that I care

Your struggles are demons within your soul

Can’t release them no matter what you do

Try to survive is your only goal

I reach out my hand to help you along

A shoulder to lean on to ease your pain that you feel

My concern for you is so very real

I’m here for you whenever you need me my friend

This compassion to you I forever send

Any time whether day or night

My friend I will help you win this fight

Rays of Light

Photo by me

Ray of Light

Rays of light they come shining through

When I think of me and you

With all things you do or say

Like the suns little ray

Warms my heart and heals my soul

Makes me feel as one more than whole

Makes me smile though I am down

Pulls me up when I feel I may drown

That ray of light that shines through

Reminds why my dear I love you

In or Out

Photo I took walking through a park

In or Our

Am I looking in or looking out

Is that the question I need to ask

Or what it’s all about

Dark and unknowing outwards can be

Sometimes a lot harder to see

Not knowing what’s coming scary

And make you quite wary

Take that chance can help you grow

And make your spirit glow

Looking in can bring you peace

A feeling that will never cease

To look in or look out

A balance it seems to be about